What would be your love song to the Lord?

By Mary Ann Otto | Special to The Compass | February 19, 2015

Do you have a favorite love song? Is there one specific tune that perhaps makes your heart sing?

As a child growing up in the ’60s, I appreciated songs that were upbeat and relatable expressions of my own life experience. Even before I understood or experienced a “romantic relationship,” some tunes just made me want to take my dollar allowance, run over to the record store on Main Street and purchase the “45 rpm.”

The one song that I have loved as a young girl and still do today is “My Love” by Petula Clark (1966). Perhaps you recall some of lyrics: (See YouTube video below.)

My love is warmer than the warmest sunshine

Softer than a sigh

My love is deeper than the deepest ocean

Wider than the sky….

As you may know, the song is not slow and methodical but quick and energizing. It reminds me of a person so sure, joyful and excited about the love they were expressing that they could not get the words out fast enough:

My love is brighter than the brightest star

That shines every night above

And there is nothing in this world

That could ever change my love

Like most children, when finding a song we loved, I would play the song over and over (I’m sure my mom was hearing it in her sleep). It seemed to help me express something that I could not yet express myself and certainly with not such beautiful simplicity. Through the words of My Love and the voice of Petula Clark, I was able to think of those I cared for and sing them a love song. In my own youthful way, I think my spirit sang that song to God, as well.

When I read many of the Psalms, I think of David in the great outdoors pouring out his heart to God. His love was channeled through beautiful words of praise. I imagine his love song bursting forth quickly and with much passion as he raised his hands to the sky: (Ps 145:3)

Great is the Lord and worth of high praise;

God’s grandeur is beyond understanding.

If each of us had to prepare and offer a love song when we came face to face with our Lord, what would it sound like? Most likely the lyrics would be a response to the incredible relationship that each of us has had with our Lord and the love we received. The love song would also have been perfected as each of us grew in the faith and wisdom. Interestingly, it might even reflect the genre of music of our youth. (My mom would sing “You Are My Sunshine” to us before we went to bed.)

I like the fact that in most years, both Valentine’s Day and the beginning of Lent fall in the month of February. Though one is secular and one sacred, they ultimately can point to growing in relationships and learning to love more deeply with each passing year.

I believe that because we are created in the image and likeness of God, our ability to understand and grow in love with each other and with God is limitless but it takes more than the reminder of Valentine’s Day. I believe it takes the ongoing work and self-reflection that the journey of the Lenten season provides. I believe that we need to stand before the cross on Good Friday and truly take in the greatest love song ever sang before we can begin to write the most beautiful verses of our own love song.

Our relationship with Jesus grows through the time we spend with him in prayer both privately and communally. God calls us to an ongoing renewal which encompasses every year of our life. We must not become stagnant because it is there that we are loved and challenged and the melody of our own love song becomes clearer to ourselves and others.

Perhaps as you entered Lent this year you were already humming your own personal love song to the Lord. It might be good to make a mental note about how it has changed as you celebrate on Easter morning.

As for me, I would like to thank Petula Clark, because her words still fit into my song:

Something happened to my heart the day that I met you

Something that I never felt before

You are always on my mind, no matter what I do

And every day it seems I want you more!

Otto is Stewardship and Special Projects director for the diocesan Stewardship and Pastoral Services Department.

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