Mass on campus: Enjoy the homily

One of the perks of working for the church (more specifically, the Diocese of Green Bay) is the opportunity to attend daily Mass on the diocesan grounds. I must admit that I don’t take advantage of this spiritual gift as often as other colleagues, but I attend when I can.

One of the reasons I enjoy the Mass on campus is the opportunity to listen to some of the best homilies around. Fr. Dan Felton, who is vicar general of the Green Bay Diocese and moderator of the diocesan Curia, is one of several priests on campus who celebrates the daily Mass. Most of the time he begins and ends his homily with a hymn that he ties into his reflections.

For those who have never heard Fr. Dan, take a listen here. He is one example of the many gifted homilists who grace our Curia Masses and the local church of Green Bay. And for that my colleagues and I are grateful. Merry Christmas to all and a blessed New Year.

About Sam Lucero

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