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The Most Rev. David L. Ricken is the 12th bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay.

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How blessed we are to have The Compass

By Bishop David Ricken | June 15, 2016

The Compass: how blessed we are to have this beautiful tool of evangelization in the Diocese of Green Bay!

As the newspaper’s publisher, I take great pride in sharing it with you and congratulate the entire staff and freelance correspondents on this year’s most recent awards.

Again this year, as has been the case three of the last seven years, The Compass received the first place award for General Excellence in the category of weekly diocesan newspapers with a subscription base of less than 25,000. As you can see from the cover story, our paper is highly regarded by the Catholic Press Association.

With the advent of new media, many have speculated that newspapers are a dying breed. In both the secular and Catholic press, we have seen newspapers close over the past decade. Many have just gone away, others have reinvented themselves in other print formats like magazines, and still others have gone to some form of digital delivery. Through all of this change, The Compass has remained strong and innovative; always looking for new and fresh ways to bring the Gospel message of Christ to readers.

If it were possible, I would make certain that every household in the diocese receives this valuable resource of faith. Unfortunately, that is simply not possible. I am happy, however, that once each year I am able to provide the paper to all households. Most recently it was shared to all with the May 6 edition, featuring the insert on the Merciful Love of the Father. I hope you enjoyed that section, and saved it to refer to through the months and years ahead.

While I can’t get the paper to everyone each week, what I would ask of each of you good and faithful readers is to continue to support The Compass. Consider passing your weekly copy along to others as we all continue our work as Disciples on the Way. If you enjoy the paper, and you have the means, perhaps you could gift a subscription to a friend you feel might also enjoy the content. This is a gift I myself like to send to friends and colleagues. They are always so grateful and have commented that they read it from cover to cover.

I also want to invite you all to help us tell the special and compelling stories of the people, places and activities that make up the fabric of our diocese. These stories of faith, hope, mercy and love make us true Disciples of Christ in action, word and deed. What a tremendous way to celebrate all that we are to each other, to our parishes and to the communities we live in!

My congratulations again to the amazing and talented staff of The Compass! Keep up the exceptional work of spreading the Word of God throughout the Diocese of Green Bay and beyond.

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