In anticipation of Easter joy

We’re half-way through Lent.

Sunday, March 26, this year was Laetare Sunday – Rejoice Sunday. It’s the Sunday during Lent when you might see pink or rose colored vestments and/or decorations. While the Thursday before — March 23 — was technically the midpoint of Lent, this was the Sunday when signs of joy were traditionally allowed, in anticipation of the joy of Easter.

As we enter the last half of Lent, it might be a good time to consider adding a little Easter joy to one or more of the groups on The Compass’s Lent/Easter Wish list. Since we printed this year’s list on Feb. 24, there have been a couple of additional groups with requests.

You might want to check out the entire list at

For 24 years, the wish list has linked readers of The Compass with local organizations that help the poor, elderly, sick and disadvantaged — practicing corporal works of mercy such as feeding the hungry, welcoming strangers and clothing the naked. Over the past years, 377 group requests have been placed on the Wish List. More than half of all these wishes have been filled over the years. Fifty-eight percent of last year’s groups received at least part of what they requested.

Consider spreading a little Easter joy in anticipation of Easter, just as Laetare Sunday reminded us of the coming joy of Easter.

About Patricia Kasten

Kasten is the author of “Linking Your Beads, The Rosary’s History, Mysteries and Prayers,” published by Our Sunday Visitor Press.  Her newest book, on sainthood – “Making Sense of Saints. Fascinating Facts about Relics, Patrons, Saint-Making and More“, was published by OSV in Spring 2014.  She is also a puzzle-smith. Her weekly Scripture Search puzzle (see The Compass) and bi-weekly The Cross Word, both based on the Sunday readings, appear in Catholic newspapers and parish bulletins around the country.