Tapestries serve as Stations of the Cross at Holy Cross Church in Bay Settlement

Editor’s note: Part five of our seven-part Lenten series on the Stations of the Cross features the stations inside Holy Cross Church in Bay Settlement. Lynie Vincent, a parishioner and parish pastoral council member, nominated the stations and provided the following information.

The ninth station at Holy Cross Church depicts Jesus falling a third time. (Sam Lucero | The Compass)

The Stations of the Cross at Holy Cross Church are truly a unique testament to the “old world” craftsmanship that exemplifies the heritage and foundation of the Catholic Church in northeastern Wisconsin.

The stations are actual tapestries that were created, if I remember properly, in 1939 — and, legend has it, from an artist in the Netherlands. These tapestries, depicting each station are approximately 30” x 42” in size.

Recently, Holy Cross underwent a lighting project right before Christmas to improve the visibility in the church, especially in low-light situations. While we wanted to improve the brightness for parishioners to be able to follow along in the hymnals, we also wanted to showcase these tapestries.

The 10th station at Holy Cross Church depicts Jesus stripped of his garments. (Sam Lucero | The Compass)

We went with LED lighting over what we previously had, as we found out incandescent and florescent lighting will degrade the tapestries. What we also found when “lit up” is that the colors are more vibrant than ever before.

One thing that is a concern for all of us is that the stations were glued to the walls sometime during their stay at the church. In essence, it makes them permanent. If the church or tapestries get damaged, we will truly lose an amazing work of art.