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The Most Rev. David L. Ricken is the 12th bishop of the Diocese of Green Bay.

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Jubilee Year Discipleship Prayer

By Bishop David Ricken | February 8, 2018

As you may know, this year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Diocese of Green Bay. For a special year of celebration, we need to turn most of all to the Good Lord. We need to express our gratitude for his blessings on this beautiful land and people for the past 150 years and ask his continued blessing for the next 150 years of faith.

I ask every parish and every school, Catholic institution, prayer group and apostolate or ministry to please join in this diocesan prayer for the Lenten and Easter season until the feast of Pentecost. At Mass on Sundays, I am asking every parish to pray this prayer after the post-Communion prayer and before the final blessing. Copies of the prayer will be provided to each parish and is also available in this issue of The Compass and online at so that every family can make a copy and pray the prayer as a family.

As you will see, we express our gratitude for the blessings of the past 150 years. We thank the Lord for the heroic witness and courage of those who first brought the Good News of the Gospel and the sacramental life of the church to northeast Wisconsin. We pray for that same zeal of the first missionary disciples and the first bishop, priests, sisters and lay faithful who labored for the full establishment of the faith in this area. We pray for the grace to discover Jesus, follow Jesus, worship Jesus and share the joy of the Gospel with others.

Finally in the prayer, we ask the Holy Spirit to help us bring the joy of the Gospel through word and action to our families, our friends, neighbors and work associates and our communities. We ask the Holy Spirit to enflame our hearts with the same love for the Eucharist, which fired up the generations before us. We conclude by asking Our Lady of Good Help to guide us through this year of renewal and response.

I encourage each of you to pray this prayer, even daily if possible, so that we may journey together to a generous and abundant response to the grace of renewal in our personal lives, in the lives of our families, our parishes and schools, religious education and ministries. God bless the Diocese of Green Bay.

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En Espanol: Oración del Jubileo de Discipulado


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