Christine Gall, parish leader since 2009 in Florence, retires

By Kendra Lamer | The Compass | June 28, 2018

ALLOUEZ — For Christine Gall, the most rewarding part of her position as parish leader of Immaculate Conception Parish in Florence is the work she has done with people. She will retire on July 1.

Christine Gall, top left, is pictured with Fr. Matthew Settle and the first Communion class at Immaculate Conception Church in Florence. (Submitted Photo | For The Compass)

When she started at the parish in 2009, Gall said that it was not her decision; God called her to the position. She previously worked as the faith formation coordinator at St. Peter the Fisherman Parish in Eagle River for 10 years. Over time, she said God led her to Immaculate Conception Parish in many different ways. He allowed certain events to happen, put specific people in her path and lead her through prayer, she said.

“It was like, ‘This is the way you’re going,’” she said, “so this is the way I went.”

Gall said that the most fulfilling part of her position was getting to see and know who she calls “saints in the making,” people who want take their faith seriously and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

“Just to be able to watch that and journey with them has just been an amazing experience,” she said.

While Gall said she won’t miss the paperwork in her retirement, what she will miss most are the people.

“I’ll miss journeying with people in faith, and helping people along, and guiding people,” she said.

Gall plans to spend a year traveling and seeing the western part of the country. She wants to tour lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. While these areas are close, she has never gotten the opportunity to explore them. She also wants to spend some winters outside of northern Wisconsin.

In addition to travel plans, she hopes to mark a few more goals off her bucket list and do some writing.

No matter where she ends up, she will continue to follow wherever God decides to lead her, she said.

“We’ll see where God leads,” Gall said. “I have a sneaky suspicion I’m being led somewhere, but I just don’t know yet. Maybe it’s just rest.”

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