Kids’ Page August 2018

Hello my young friends,

I hope this column finds each of you well, and feeling reenergized as you look ahead to the start of the school year in just a few weeks.kidspagelogo.web2

Just like you take a break from school each summer, I take time in July away from the office to reflect, to read and to write on topics that are on my heart. This year I have had much to reflect on, as it has been a busy year here in the diocese.

First, we began 2018 with ongoing celebrations of our 150th anniversary as the Diocese of Green Bay. One of the highlights for the year has been a series of Jubilee Masses offered in thanksgiving for the many outstanding groups that serve throughout the diocese, but may not always be recognized. There will be four more Masses this fall at the newly renovated St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in downtown Green Bay. Check the website at for more details on the upcoming celebrations, and consider joining us for one.

Second, we published a beautiful history book that you may have seen, and an accompanying book we refer to as the “graphic novel.” The graphic novel is geared to young people and shares the story of our diocese through illustrations and text, in a comic book format. If you or your family is interested in seeing or purchasing one of these books, your local parish will be able to help with that. I highly recommend this as a good read before summer ends.

Third, if you are more of a movie buff, visit the website at to view our 150th Jubilee film. The hour flies by quickly and you will learn so much about the presence the Catholic Church and how it has shaped the culture and communities of northeastern Wisconsin.

And finally, I have taken the time to reflect back just a little further than this year. On Aug. 28, I will celebrate 10 years as the Bishop of this diocese. In those 10 years, we have seen many changes, and there are many more to come. It is my very great pleasure to be here in the diocese, sharing my life and my ministry with all of you. It is one of the great joys of my life.

As we move forward and continue to grow in our faith and our love of Jesus, I ask for your continued prayers for me and all the leaders in the diocese, and I offer mine to you. Enjoy the remainder of the summer! God bless.