Appleton youth collects hundreds of Valentine’s cards for seniors

Cards for classmates grows into community project

APPLETON — Most of us remember taking Valentine cards to our classrooms in school.

However, Logan Caron, age 8, has taken Valentines to a new level. He plans to deliver Valentines to all the nursing homes in Appleton.

“There’s 566 cards that we have already,” he told The Compass on Feb. 7.

Logan Caron and his second grade classmates at St. Francis Xavier Elementary School — McDonald Street campus — in Appleton display Valentine cards they made on Feb. 11. More than 700 cards will be distributed to local nursing homes by Caron and his family on Feb. 14. (Brad Birkholz | For The Compass)

Logan had 200 more by Feb. 11, and hopes to get 900 by Valentine’s Day.

His mother, Bev Caron, said that the project started out like any other Valentine’s project for school. Logan attends St. Francis Xavier Elementary School — McDonald Street campus.

“We were driving home one night and just talking about what kind of Valentines we were going to hand out in the classroom,” said Bev. “And Logan started talking about putting a mailbox together where people would be able to bring cards and those cards would be given to those people who normally wouldn’t get cards. As we talked through it a little bit more, we decided that those people would be people in nursing homes — that they might not get them. It’s kind of taken off from there.”

Logan hasn’t been to very many nursing homes before — though he has been at Peabody Manor in Appleton because his mother works there. Bev works with Thedacare Home Hospice. Logan has also been to Cherry Meadows Hospice at Peabody Manor, which is on his list, because his grandmother, Paula Powell, was there before she died.

The first plan was to deliver cards to Peabody Manor, which has 76 residents.

“But he surpassed that goal in the first couple of days,” Bev said. “Now we’re branching out.”

They now plan to deliver cards to Peabody on Valentine’s Day; then Rennes Nursing Home on Friday and to Brewster Village on Saturday. And the list keeps growing.

Cards came in full boxes (the mail box was also made by the Caron family) at St. Thomas More Parish, where the family are members. Handmade, lacey blue hearts, Valentines with colorful pencils attached and traditional store cards all overflowed the box.

Even Logan’s former kindergarten teacher in Virginia heard about it and had her class make cards to send.

When asked how he plans to deliver so many cards, Logan said, “Probably with a wagon.”

He also expects help from a couple of classmates, including Clinton Clinefelten. Logan’s sister, Hannah, who is in kindergarten, and his grandfather, Don Langel, will help too.

“It has been fun and exciting for my husband (Chad) and I to see the kids get so excited about it,” said Bev, “and to see the cards come in the mail. They’re excited to get them, so they can give them to somebody else.”

The Carons have received cards mailed from friends in Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Iowa.

Lots of cards were made by Logan’s classmates in his Appleton school, with the help of his teacher, Ellen Baisden.

Logan says his favorite card is one he made, with “medium hearts and ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ (on it). Then I took snowflakes-like things and hearts, and I didn’t color them in, but I glued them to the top.”

While some of the cards are signed, Logan intends to sign all the rest. What will he add to each?

“Have a great Valentine’s Day,” he said.