FAQs: Why use Compass in the Classroom?

compassclassroomEvery week your Catholic school or religious education program in the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay can receive 25 copies of The Compass for student use (extras are 29¢ each). Just ask. Our sponsors expect that you will use The Compass faithfully with your students each week.


What age is best suited for The Compass?

Middle and high school religion class is the first place to use The Compass. Younger students like Kids Chronicle, photos and headlines. Use articles for discussion starters, inspiration for essays or journal entries, or background for assignments on the Church.


How does The Compass fit into your curriculum?

Religion makes Catholic schools different from public schools, and our Catholic faith is the basis of our religious education programs. This sets The Compass apart from other newspapers and is why it belongs in your classroom.

English/Journalism teachers use The Compass to teach good journalistic style, good writing, reading comprehension, reading-to-write and critical thinking. Integrate religion into other classes and use The Compass as a model for your school newspaper.

Social Studies classes use The Compass to learn about foreign missions and locations of parishes and schools in our diocese and the world. Keep students informed of the latest developments in our universal church.


What’s in The Compass for youth?

Each month we feature a Kids’ Page on the back page. It features an “Amazing Saints” column, plus games, puzzles and a message for kids from Bishop Ricken. For older youth, we offer “Compass on Campus,” a monthly column about high school sports. Use Scripture Search on the Sunday Readings page as a way to get students familiar with words from the Bible. Foundations of Faith is for all ages. The Compass often highlights local students and discusses hot issues facing youth: alcohol and other drug abuse, health, peer pressure, suicide, teen pregnancy, runaways, violence, faith questions, etc.


What other resources are there?

  • The Compass in the Classroom: a weekly column in The Compass with ideas on how to use the current issue in the classroom.
  • Our Pinterest page also has many boards that are useful for teachers and catechists in all classroom ages.
  • The Compass in the Classroom now features a monthly worksheet for teachers.


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