Kids’ Page September 2019

Greetings my young friends,

The new school year has begun, so that must mean fall is nearly here. No matter what grade you are starting, or whether you attend public or Catholic school, there are adjustments you make each fall.

kidspagelogo.web2You may change your clothes from shorts to pants, sandals to tennis shoes or short sleeves to sweatshirts. You may adjust your routine, going to bed and getting up earlier, staying late at school for practices, sleeping late on the weekend. No matter what you do, remember to make time for Jesus.

During this school year, in your classrooms and religious education classes, I want you to think very seriously about how you are talking with Jesus. How does your relationship with Jesus affect how you interact with your family at home, and also with your church family at the parish? Jesus walks with us always and through your prayers helps you to be a witness to our oneness in the body of Christ.

This fall, as you are getting back into your routine, consider adding a few things. First, if you are attending Sunday Mass, keep it up. It is so important to your life and the life of your faith community. If you aren’t attending Mass, please add it to your weekend, you’ll be glad you did! Second, say your meal prayers, before and after. It’s an easy thing to add prayer to your daily routine. Third, set aside a place in your home for quiet prayer. Make the crucifix visible and have a Bible from which you can read that Sunday’s Scriptures. And finally, consider saying the rosary as a family. You can find lots of resources for saying the rosary online. And I assure you, Mom and Dad will be excited the idea came from you. It is a wonderful way to come together as family and embrace this beautiful tradition.

Fr. Patrick Peyton, who is known as the “Rosary Priest” said it very well, many years ago, “the family that prays together stays together.” I invite you and your family to follow this excellent example.

God bless you all as you begin your new school year.