Kids’ Page February 2020

Peace and joy to you my young friends,

The first month of 2020 is behind us and what a month it was! The Packers extended the regular season with a couple playoff games. It did not end as we would have liked with a February game, but was sure a lot of fun!

kidspagelogo.web2Young people from our Green Bay Diocese, along with others from throughout the United States participated in the annual March for Life on Friday, Jan. 24. And this year, for the very first time, a U.S. President addressed the group with a message of pro-life and pro-family. Outstanding!

On the heels of this annual march, we celebrated Catholic Schools Week. During Catholic Schools Week, we recognize the good work and life changing effect Catholic schools have on young people in our diocese. I am continuously moved and encouraged by the amazing things each and every one of you, your teachers and your families do to live your lives as missionary disciples. The fact that we continue to grow the number of students attending Catholic schools tells me we are all doing something right and offering something of value to families.

And, speaking of families, be they blood relatives or families in faith, how are you planning to recognize their impact on your life this Valentine’s Day? Will you craft or purchase a card, maybe some chocolates or flowers? Will you cook them a special meal or snuggle up and watch a movie? Whatever you do, don’t forget to let them know how grateful you are for their love.

Whether it is a parent, a relative, a supportive teacher or a neighborhood friend, they really are the face, hands and feet of Jesus in your life. The incredible love Jesus has for us is mirrored by these role models and passed on as only they can. Consider how blessed you are and be always grateful.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your families, and may God continue to bless you with his love.