Easter greetings


Bishop Ricken

Happy Easter! May the risen Christ bring you joy, hope and peace in the midst of this difficult time we are all enduring.

I must admit writing this message this year feels a bit strange. Like so much of our world, the celebration of the holiest feasts of our year has been thrown into chaos. While we are doing our best to help you enter into prayer and meditate on the love of Christ through his passion, death and Resurrection, it’s just not the same as it would be most years.

Yet despite the current circumstances, I think the truth of Easter is all the more powerful this year. During Lent, we are reminded of our mortality. This is what we do on Ash Wednesday when we hear the words, “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.” This year we have all had to face our mortality very directly as we deal with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve even seen people on the internet referring to this as the “Lentiest Lent ever” and I would have to agree.

But if this really has been the Lentiest Lent ever, then the celebration of Easter should be all the greater. Why? Because, while Lent reminds us of our mortality and human weakness, as Christians, we are Easter people who embrace the new life that the Resurrection brings. So even now, in the midst of this darkness, we have hope knowing that Christ has won the victory for us. And we know, that no matter how dark these days get, even death cannot overcome the Light of Christ!

So let’s spend the next 50 days basking in the joy of the Resurrection. Take advantage of this time and look for ways to meet Jesus and share him with others. Let’s make Jesus’ love as contagious as COVID-19. The world could certainly use his love these days. And in sharing that love, I think we can make this Easter season the Easteriest Easter ever!

May God bless each of you!