Kids’ Page April 2020

Hello my young friends,

Who could have predicted one month ago that we’d be in this state of emergency? You are all away from friends and teachers in your schools, but close to parents and siblings as we live what is our new normal for the time being.

kidspagelogo.web2This is a time of uncertainly, and I am sure many of you are feeling some anxiety and fear over this situation. Together with your family, I would like to suggest that if you have not begun your prayers to St. Joseph, now is a great time to start.

As I shared with you last month, there are many needs in our church, in our world and in our diocese that need intense prayer. I did not realize then how true this was. I think first and foremost, let us bring the intention for the health and safety of all those living in the diocese, especially our health care workers and those with essential roles like priests and deacons to St. Joseph. He works miracles constantly, and we could use miracles right now.

And don’t forget to hold up the three areas of intentions we as a diocese are bringing to the attention and special care of St. Joseph: strengthening and healing of marriages and family life; prayer for the universal church, especially church leaders; and a significant increase of vocations to the priesthood in the diocese.

We are living in extraordinary times. But know that I am holding you and your families in my prayers. Since there are no public celebrations of the Mass right now, I invite you to join me at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday on WFRV Local 5, where I am celebrating Mass for the entire diocese. It is a beautiful time for us to be together spiritually while we are apart physically.

May God bless you as we continue this Lenten season, and may St. Joseph keep a watchful eye on all of us and our intentions. St. Joseph, pray for us.