Kids’ Page June 2020

Hello my young friends,

I think it would be safe to say the end to your school year had a whole different feel this year!

kidspagelogo.web2Your parents became your teachers, you never returned to your classrooms, never said “goodbye” to teachers and friends or participated in field trips or yearend picnics. Many of you missed first Communion, confirmation and graduation ceremonies. Spring dances and sports were also canceled as we sheltered in place to not spread the coronavirus and flatten the curve. It has been challenging, yet amidst the disappointments there are also blessings.

How about the time you got to spend with your parents and your siblings, learning in “Zoom” sessions on the computer, through study packets prepared by teachers or simply by spending time talking and away from social media distractions. These are experiences you will long remember and hopefully one day cherish as a time when things slowed down and you reconnected with your immediate family.

Make no mistake, we are coming back! Back to seeing neighbors, riding bikes, playing yard games, and returning to activities like Sunday Mass. I am sure you have missed your priest and all the people who serve in the parish. I know they have missed you, and have worked creatively to stay in touch with families throughout this time. When you see them again, please thank them.

One thing that never closed during the coronavirus was our ability to pray. I hope many of you were able to pray more and go deeper in your relationship with Jesus. Keep up the great prayer work, and if you need a little reminder to pray, I am giving you the nudge here. Over the past couple columns we talked about continuing to offer prayers to St. Joseph. He works miracles constantly, and we need miracles as our cities, states and nation open for business again. Good St. Joseph, pray for us.

I am praying for you and your families as this beautiful summer begins! Be safe and be well.