St. Norbert College to offer ‘ninth-semester free’ to undergraduates

By The Compass | August 26, 2020

DE PERE — In an effort to make sure that all St. Norbert College students can attain the complete and fully rounded experience of college life in community, the college will extend a “ninth-semester-free” promise to any current or newly admitted undergraduate student enrolled through Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

The ninth-semester-free promise is open to any student who:

  • Is a continuing or newly admitted student enrolled with 12 or more semester credits for both Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Successfully completes a minimum of 12 credits in each of those semesters.
  • Has completed eight semesters of undergraduate education either wholly at SNC (12 or more credits per semester) or completed at SNC after transferring from another institution.
  • Does not fail or withdraw from any courses and maintains a 2.00 cumulative grade point average. Has not been suspended for any reason during their academic career.
  • In their ninth semester at St. Norbert, takes only courses required for undergraduate degree completion.
  • Remains in good disciplinary standing during their ninth semester.
  • Completes their ninth semester on campus. (Study-abroad opportunities may be taken in earlier semesters but would not be available during this last semester.)
  • Students have the option of completing their ninth-semester degree-completion courses during either the fall semester, spring semester or summer term.


  • Students are required to consult with their academic advisor on course selection and course availability for degree progression and will meet with the director of academic advisement to review the plan.
  • As they make academic progress, students will be responsible for ensuring that they will still need to take a degree-completion course during their ninth semester.

Preparing for the ninth semester

  • Before Oct. 1, students will need to work with the registrar’s office to complete a waiver (still in development) negating the four-year graduation guarantee.
  • On-campus housing will be available to ninth-semester students but on-campus residency will not be a requirement. (Students requiring on-campus housing should follow the regular undergraduate housing-selection timeline and procedures.)

Financial need-to-knows

  • St. Norbert College will be covering the full value of tuition for the courses needed to complete an undergraduate degree in the ninth semester, minus any other federal, state or institutional grant/scholarships the student qualifies for that semester.
  • Students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Any fees, board and lodging costs incurred will be charged directly to the student at the standard rates. (Note: On-campus residence is not a requirement.)
  • Federal loan eligibility requires part-time attendance. Please note, federal student loan programs have aggregate loan limits. Consult with the office of financial aid to determine your eligibility. For more information, visit. norbertsninth.html.

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