Kids’ Page November 2020

By Jessica Jacques

Hello my young friends,

I know it goes without saying, but these past eight months have been challenging! Oh so challenging. And yet, in the midst of it all, I just can’t help feeling an incredible amount of hope. That’s right, I’m hopeful. Hopeful about the ways Jesus is working in our world and turning darkness into light.

kidspagelogo.web2The COVID-19 pandemic has absolutely shaken us all to the core. Suddenly, without much warning, we had to change everything about our lives as we knew them. Going to school, visiting family and friends, eating in restaurants, shopping in stores and, yes, even going to church put us at risk for the virus. And, unfortunately, we have only seen the numbers climb throughout our diocese in the past couple months. It’s enough to cause a person to give up hope and feel like they’re in the darkness — and yet I see hope.

I encourage you to find the light, to find the hope in every day going forward. Find joy in the simple things as we look forward to better times ahead. Maybe there are things you took for granted before the COVID-19 pandemic. Things like playing basketball or soccer in the backyard with the neighborhood kids, Sunday dinners with extended family or tailgating on Badger and Packer game days. We will bounce back. We are children of the light, and the Holy Spirit has got us on this one.

This month we celebrate Thanksgiving, and while it may be hard to come up with a list of things off the top of your head, there is much to be grateful for. Be grateful for the ability to slow down in this world of constant motion. Be grateful for all those you share your day with. Be grateful for those you support from afar. Find hope, find joy, be grateful and, above all, be the light of Christ to those you encounter throughout the months ahead. You are the light of the world. Shine forth my young friends.

God bless you and your family this month and throughout the coming holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!