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By Bishop David Ricken | February 25, 2021

Happy Advent young friends,
This year, traditions which are especially strong during Advent may look much different as we ready ourselves for the coming of Jesus. Maybe this year you could try to add a new tradition to your preparations. Here are a couple things you might consider.
One thing you could do in this year of challenges is to help someone in need. Go through your closets and find clothes to donate to those in need. As a family, gather food items or make a monetary donation to a homeless shelter where the need will be especially great this year. Elderly neighbors may be alone this holiday season as we work so hard not to spread the COVID-19 virus. Make a phone call or drop a treat on their porch to help brighten the day. There are many opportunities all around for you to share the loving heart of Jesus.
When you set up your Nativity scene, make it a family event. Maybe the new tradition sets Mary and Joseph on a trip in your home. You could start by welcoming them near your front door, and each day someone could move them to a location that brings them closer to the manger. Oh, how beautiful it will be on Christmas morning when the Holy Family is together and Jesus is born to save us.
The last suggestion I have is to make a special effort to share meals together as a family this Advent. This may be something you are already doing since the pandemic began. It is in these moments of quiet, when we gather as family, that the true meaning of the season comes through. After a busy day at school, in person or virtually, this is a time to come together in prayer and thanksgiving to recognize the blessings God has shared during the day. At this time, light your Advent wreath and really think hard about what we are waiting for this Advent.
It will not be holidays as usual this year, however, please know each of you and your families are in my continued prayers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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