Parishes welcome newly-initiated members at Easter Vigil on April 3

By The Compass | March 31, 2021

GREEN BAY — Parishes around the diocese will welcome new members into the church on April 3 at the Easter Vigil. These newest members, called catechumens and candidates during their preparation time, have taken part in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).1316Easter_Vigil.jpgweb2

On the second Sunday of Lent, they were enrolled in the Book of the Elect at their parishes. They were presented to Bishop David Ricken at a ceremony later in the day at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral.

Catechumens are those who will be baptized and also receive the sacraments of confirmation and Eucharist at the vigil.

Candidates are those who have already been baptized, whether in the Catholic Church or in another Christian denomination. They will make a full profession of faith and receive confirmation and/or Eucharist in the church at the vigil.

After the Easter Vigil, the newly-initiated — who will then be called “neophytes” — enter the final stage of the RCIA process: mystagogia.

Mystagogia is marked by the new experiences of sharing in the sacraments and in full participation in the community.

Following are the catechumens and candidates whose names were submitted by parishes to the diocesan Office of Worship.


St. Bernadette: Catechumen: Harper Laird; Candidates: McKenna Solis, Brian Nelson

St. Mary: Catechumen: Layna Petersen; Candidates: Amanda Lee, Drew Hoppes, Beth Vanderloop, Jake Zwayer

St. Pius X: Catechumens: Eli Gerend, Lily Gerend, Steve Gerend, Cora Ward, Dario Ward; Candidate: Monica Sweet

St. Thomas More: Catechumens: Jaelyn Nelson, Jason Wilber; Candidates: Colleen Balza, Lori Chase, Heidi Guta, Bianca Hammond, Isira Hammond, Kailynn Hammond            


Good Shepherd: Candidates: Marissa Holzer, Maddrik Logemann


Our Lady of Lourdes: Catechumens: Grayson Birder, Sara Darr

St. Francis Xavier/St. Mary: Candidate: Nathan Vander Heiden 

St. Norbert Campus: Catechumens: Bonnie Allen, Kadisyn Ceplina, Terrence Garner, Killian Riley; Candidates: Maria Mariani, Joyana Tarsa, Samantha Wilson


St. Louis: Catechumen: Cory Besaw    


St. Agnes: Catechumen: Victor Comprez Matos; Candidate: Dawn Rasmussen

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral: Candidates: Shirley Charles-Hall, Jennifer Kopp     

SS. Peter and Paul: Catechumens: John Crummie, Brianna King, Stephanie Kinney, Jayson Lebron, Jayxalis Lebron, Crisny Rouelo, Diego Rouelo, Naara Urquia   

St. Willebrord: Catechumens: Ezmirrilda Estupinan, Reynaldo Estupinan III, Gulmara Fajardo-Cordova, Ivan Fajardo-Cordova, Diego Galeano, Angel Garduno, Jessleyn Gor-don, Arianna Lones, Carmelo Lones, Evelyn Martinez, Kimberly Martinez, Omar Martinez, Axel Mendez Hernandez, Jaimary Rivera; Candidates: Diego Agredano, Brian Guzman, Martin Pineda


St. Mary: Candidates: Fred Colwell, Paul Hameister, Janis Steffen, Andy Webb


St. John the Baptist: Catechumen: Joshua Posbrig; Candidates: Betsy Bianchi, Michael Charles, Ian Miller, Mary Nelson 


St. John Nepomucene: Catechumen: Benjamin Anderson; Candidates: Addison Eickman, Cheryle Richter, Gabriella Van Thiel


St. Francis of Assisi: Catechumens: Debra Cotter, Joshua Seefeldt, Vanessa Valdez      


St. John/St. Mary: Catechumen: Kayla Tobey; Candidate: Pasquale Davis


St. Mary: Catechumen: Michelle Flores


St. Jude the Apostle: Candidates: Paige Betthauser, Kirk Kaldor, Rudolph Konz, Gavin Wurm


St. Mary: Candidates: Ashley Haws, Angela Whitcomb


Sacred Heart: Candidates: Dana DeMarce, Christine Withrow, David Withrow

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