When you have too much of a good thing


When my parents died, I found an abundance of old, blessed rosaries in their home. What is the proper way to dispose of them? I have many of my own rosaries and have no need for more. When I inquired of the office staff at my parish, they didn’t have a good answer. Hopefully, you can help me. — Menasha


Thank you for your inquiry.  World Mission Services is happy to upcycle your blessed rosaries. In World Missions, we have a “World Missions Closet.” There, we “upcycle” many blessed religious items in good condition.   

For example, we have a rosary mission from which we ship rosaries all over the world. Also, missionaries who travel to our diocese each year, to serve or speak at our parishes and schools, as well as our international priests serving in our parishes, bring needed items back to their home diocese.  

The Mission Closet accepts rosaries, scapulars, religious pictures, crucifixes, pyx (for holding the consecrated host) and statues. Many parishes also donate chalices, vestments and other religious items to be upcycled when they receive new replacements.  

Over the years, many missionaries and religious have filled their suitcases with religious items. They are so very grateful to our diocese for offering them this opportunity.

We accept items in good condition only. Blessed items not in good condition should be disposed of by burying or burning. St. Vincent de Paul is also a great option for donating religious items.  

Currently, our Mission Closet is not open due to COVID-19 restrictions on our diocesan campus. Once restrictions are lifted, the Mission Closet will reopen. Currently, we accept donations by appointment only. Please contact me at [email protected] or call (920) 272-8192. 

To learn more about the Rosary Mission, see page 3 of the World Missions project booklet at catholicfoundationgb.org/projects.

For more information on the disposal of religious items according to church law, see bit.ly/3v2NEup

St. Aubin is World Missions director for the Green Bay Diocese. 

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