Mary is an attentive mother

St. Pope Paul VI in his Apostolic Exhortation Marialis Cultus called the Virgin Mary “the Attentive Virgin.” He referenced her in this way because of her reception of the Word of God with faith (n. 17). When I read that document, that title for Our Lady quickly became my favorite, and I saw Mary’s attentiveness most especially at the wedding feast at Cana, our Gospel for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.

There she was, a guest at a wedding celebration. As she was enjoying her time with Jesus, the apostles and other friends, she looks around and sees a situation that needs a remedy: a couple who needs to be spared embarrassment and servers who won’t know what to do next. She notices the need and does something about it by bringing it to the attention of Jesus. Mary had the faith that Jesus would do something about it.

Mary continues to notice our needs throughout time and all over the world. It’s why she has appeared in so many different places. From her place in heaven, she noticed her sons and daughters, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, going astray. Her messages to the visionaries have always brought people back to God. When people were disregarding the Sabbath and using God’s name in vain, she came to La Salette to tell the people to turn back to God. When there was war, she came to Fatima to ask us to pray the rosary every day for peace in the world. When Belgian immigrants were not practicing their faith, she came to Adele in Champion and asked her to offer her Holy Communion for the conversion of sinners.

Mary is an attentive mother to all of us to this day. St. John took Mary into his home and that is our task now, to take her into our home and to love her as our mother. When we do so, she will notice the areas in our lives where we need help, maybe even if we are not aware of it. She will petition her son for us and ask him to help us before we even ask. When we entrust our lives to her maternal care and intercession, she will be attentive for us.

Ask Mary today to notice where you need divine assistance. It could be in your personal life, your work or your marriage. When you ask her to notice, have a faith similar to hers as she made her son aware. He will help you and might even perform a miracle in your life at the bequest of his mother, just like he did at Cana.

Fr. Looney pastors the Catholic parishes in Brussels and Lincoln/Rosiere. He is the author of “Meditations After Holy Communion.”