Singing in the big church

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral seeks members for Holy Week choir

GREEN BAY — Do you love to sing? Would you like to share that talent in the mother church of the Diocese of Green Bay?

St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in Green Bay is looking for people to be part of the choir for Holy Week liturgies celebrated there this spring.

“The cathedral is welcoming people to come and to offer their talents for the glory of God and to do so at the cathedral, which is everyone’s parish,” explained Regina Reale, director of music for the cathedral.

The Masses and services will be those celebrated by Bishop David Ricken, starting with Palm Sunday (April 10) and including Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil and Easter morning Mass on April 17.

There are few requirements to join, outside of a love of music and the ability to match musical pitch.

“We could use a few more men, especially,” Reale added, “and a couple of sopranos. But, really, we could use everybody.”

Choir rehearsals will be held every Thursday evening, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. at the cathedral, until Holy Week. There will be one Thursday — March 17, St. Patrick’s Day — when there is no rehearsal. The start date is planned for Jan. 20.

Reale said the services would include “a little of everything,” such as organ accompaniment, a brass quartet, a cappella singing and perhaps stringed instruments. She said that instrumentalists who would like to join for the Holy Week services are also welcome to contact her. This is open to all, including non-Catholics.

Reale said that the plan in seeking volunteers for the Holy Week choir is to appeal to people who love music and song, but who aren’t necessarily members of their parish choirs.

“We’re looking for people who maybe cannot make a full commitment to their parish choir,” Reale said, “but who like to sing and who would like to sing at our beautiful cathedral.” 

Reale added that this musical plan arose, in part, from a desire voiced by Bishop Ricken and the cathedral staff to make people across the diocese more aware of St. Francis Xavier, both as the central church of the diocese, as well as an example of art, beauty and “wonderful acoustics.”

All the services will be livestreamed, and the Sunday Masses will be broadcast on Relevant Radio.

Anyone interested in joining the Holy Week choir or being an instrumentalist, should call Reale at (920) 785-8553.