Are you a co-worker with the Lord?

“Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.” “Are you saved?” The question can pop up almost anywhere. Answer “yes” and you’re in; “no” and you’re out. … Read More

‘Love one another as I love you’

What is love? The answers to this question may be as varied as the people who will read this brief reflection. As Catholic Christians, the most important … Read More

Actions still speak louder than words

It was late in the afternoon when my friend called. She had just been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The prescribed treatment would be difficult; … Read More

Jesus is the path to salvation

The Gospel for the Fourth Sunday of Easter is always reserved for a passage about the good shepherd. In these passages we get descriptions of Jesus’ reflection … Read More

Trust in the seeds of new life

She was neither very young nor very old. She’d come looking for help. When I met her in the gathering space at church she was trembling and … Read More

Trusting in our faith

We have all heard that saying, “Seeing is believing.” The gospel for Divine Mercy Sunday epitomizes this statement as St. Thomas tells the other apostles that unless … Read More

Godzilla vs. Kong

NEW YORK — The goal of a film bearing the title “Godzilla vs. Kong” (Warner Bros.) would seem to be simple enough. Set the iconic beasts raging … Read More

Rise up from fear to new life

“… to rise from the dead.” In some ancient belief systems sleep was understood to be a “little death” and rising from sleep was like rising from … Read More


NEW YORK  — Clever but morally misguided, “Nobody” (Universal) is a bloody action flick that’s suitable for no one. When thieves break into his suburban home, mild-mannered … Read More

A Week Away

NEW YORK  — A musical romance with an evangelical Christian twist, “A Week Away” (Netflix) could be described as “High School Musical” meets summer camp. Written by … Read More