Transformed by the Eucharist

No one disputes the importance of food for human life. Food, however, is important not only for mere sustenance. We also use it for celebration. God fed … Read More

The art of gratitude over grumbling

The art of grumbling needs little practice. Even small children are capable of grousing, whining, muttering and carping at the drop of a hat. When they don’t … Read More

Food for healing and nourishment

Trent’s doctor told him to go to the emergency room. He was having trouble breathing and, since he had a history of heart problems, the doctor felt … Read More

Gathered as one flock in peace

After Jesus takes a trip across the lake he finds many people waiting for him and his disciples. Mark tells us, “His heart was moved with pity … Read More

Companions needed on the journey

A parish I know is home to several support groups. Anna facilitated one that had been set up for unemployed workers. Every Tuesday afternoon, she and several … Read More

Reflect on the degree of your faith

There are certain passages in literature, in political discourse, in sacred Scripture that merit our loving attention. These words express a wisdom that nourishes our hungry souls. … Read More

Jesus continues to heal those in need

Healthcare. It’s all over the news. Even as I write these words the public debate continues regarding how we as a country can best serve those in … Read More

John’s name captures his lifework

When people see a newborn for the first time it is almost inevitable that there is a lot of “oohing” and “aahing.” This week the church interrupts … Read More

Trust that the seed will sprout

Sr. Sophie had been Claire’s high school literature teacher so it was only logical that she would be one of the first people Claire would call to … Read More