Repay those who provide opportunities

About a year ago Nancy found a new doctor. Well, maybe not “new” in the usual sense of the word. But he was definitely “found.” Actually, he … Read More

Humility helps us to fulfill God’s will

As we celebrate the 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time on this last Sunday of September, we somehow find ourselves on the doorstep of October. Traditionally, the month … Read More

Focus on the landowner’s generosity

Several years ago I wrote a column on this Gospel (Mt 20:1-16a). Hurricane Katrina had just battered her way across New Orleans leaving tens of thousands of … Read More

Accept the invitation to act as God acts

It is always shocking to read or hear the parable of the unjust servant. The lack of gratitude on the servant’s part toward the generosity of the … Read More

‘Go and tell him his fault’

The whole office knew the story of what had happened between Sue and Nancy. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone, that is, except Sue and Nancy. Sue’s … Read More

God’s truth burns within Jeremiah

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you and loved you, before you were born I chose you (Jer 1:5). I have repeated these words … Read More

Align yourself with Jesus’ vision

I recently saw an ad for an online workshop entitled “The Ultimate Supervisor.” The workshop promised to teach the participant the role of the supervisor — the … Read More

Jesus brings salvation for all

All three readings this week speak of the universality of salvation. Isaiah tells us that God’s house, “shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” … Read More

Go to Jesus when the wind starts

“[D]o not be afraid.” I read once that someone counted 365 times in the Bible where the command not to be afraid was used — once for … Read More

Taken, blessed, broken, given

When we partake in a meal, the food we consume is broken down by the digestive process and converted into the materials necessary to sustain our cells … Read More