Mortal Engines

NEW YORK  — The phrase “a city on the move” is usually just an expression. Not so in “Mortal Engines” (Universal), director Christian Rivers’ screen version of … Read More

Do what you are already doing

“What should I do?” People may use different words but what they are really asking is “What is God’s will for me?” My answer is much like … Read More

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

NEW YORK  — Traditionalists be warned: “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (Columbia) has little to do with your father’s Peter Parker. Instead, this innovative but noisy and frenetic … Read More

Stan & Ollie

NEW YORK  — To reinforce the proposition that Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were, and still are, sacred icons of film comedy, the pitch-perfect, affectionately nostalgic “Stan … Read More

Move forward with confidence

In this week’s second reading, Paul says, “I am confident of this, the one who began a good work in you will continue to complete it until … Read More

The Possession of Hannah Grace

NEW YORK — If you take a job working the night shift at a morgue, the least you can expect is a little peace and quiet. According … Read More

The Son of Man is already here

“Happy New Year!” But today is just the First Sunday of Advent. Isn’t it a little early to wish someone a “Happy New Year?” Well, not really. … Read More

Creed II

NEW YORK  — Moviegoers under 33 take note: You had yet to be born when “Rocky IV,” the 1985 film that hovers in the background of the … Read More

We may all seem stranded

In an early song, Bob Dylan sketched absurdity. “We sit here stranded, though we’re all doing our best to deny it.” With uselessness and deception all around, memories … Read More

Ralph Breaks the Internet

NEW YORK  — The burly demolition specialist who lent his name to 2012’s “Wreck-It Ralph” returns to the big screen in the sweet animated follow-up “Ralph Breaks … Read More