A posthumous recognition

During the Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention last week in Minneapolis, Supreme Knight Carl Anderson posthumously named Kendrick Castillo a Knight of Columbus. Castillo, 18, was shot … Read More

Apollo 11 and immigration

America recently celebrated with pride the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It was an opportunity to step back and recognize the incredible achievements made … Read More

July heat wave can be deadly

The news ran rampant when a golden retriever died in a hot car at Lambeau Field July 11. Its owner was shopping inside. One news station reported … Read More

Freedom is never free

This weekend we celebrate an extended Fourth of July weekend. July 4th celebrates the founding of our nation — based on the values of freedom and liberty. … Read More

Kodi Lee and prenatal screening tests

One of the most-watched reality television programs is the hugely popular “America’s Got Talent.” Each episode features several contestants who try to impress a panel of judges … Read More

Our throw-away culture

Pope Francis has constantly preached against a “throw-away culture,” one that disregards human life and pollutes Mother Earth. Most recently, he condemned the waste of food, a … Read More

Compassion for the mentally ill

The recent incident of vandalism and arson at St. Matthew Church shifted from a possible case of religious intolerance to a case study on mental health awareness. … Read More

Let’s recognize spiritual mothers

On Mother’s Day, we traditionally honor women who have born children and/or raised them as physical mothers. That was the intent when Anna Jarvis began the campaign … Read More

Cut the gossip, says the pope

Psst! Did you hear? Even hairdressers and barbers gossip. During an address on Monday, April 29, to Hairstylists of the Committees of St. Martin de Porres, an … Read More