An urn that is about to boil

In 1888, a farmer wanted to find a way to make fertilizer from animal carcasses. So Amos Herbert Hanson developed and patented “alkaline hydrolysis.” In Wisconsin, we … Read More

We will miss Bishop Felton

This week’s Compass features a special section devoted to the newest Catholic bishop in the United States, the Diocese of Green Bay’s own Daniel Felton, bishop of … Read More

Walk to Mary returns May 1

Saturday, May 1, will be a memorable day for more than 2,000 people representing 31 states. They will participate in the eighth “Walk to Mary” from the … Read More

Pandemic and alcohol abuse

Last week, Eric Ulrich, a New York City Council member, shared publicly that he suffers from alcoholism. In a Facebook message to his constituents, which was reported … Read More

We must never forget the Holocaust

One of the most moving encounters in Pope Francis’ papacy took place on Feb. 20, 2021. That day, the pope paid a visit to the home of … Read More

Holiday meals: More than food

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Forgiveness ‘a sign of Father’s love’

A new “docuseries” debuted this month on Netflix, “Murder Among the Mormons.” It caught my attention because the events portrayed in this three-part series happened in Salt … Read More

Valuing water and all people

In his 2019 message for World Water Day, observed each year on March 22, Pope Francis stated that water “is an essential good for the balance of … Read More

40 days of Lent is just a start

We’re in the home stretch. So how are things with your soul? We’ve come halfway through Lent. (Actually, March 11 is the midpoint of Lent, but the … Read More