News media not ‘enemy of the people’

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Catching flies

When I was a child and amazed by something, I often gaped. Adults would say, “Close your mouth, you might catch a fly.” I have lived through … Read More

Like the magi, follow the light

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Inspired by Mary’s words

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Relief from COVID-19

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A lesson from Charlie Brown

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The NBA and Pope Francis

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Church teachings oppose executions

Human rights and human dignity are at the heart of our Christian faith. Sometimes these concepts, echoed throughout the Gospels and church teachings, become muddied by other … Read More

Desecrating our statues

One of the disappointing outcomes of last summer’s national reckoning of racial injustices has been the destruction of statues of religious figures. Following the deaths of George … Read More

Angel wings overhead

Each November, the month of All Souls, the church asks us to pray for those who have gone before. As we continue to process the results of … Read More