Trust during times of transitions

At this time of the year, it seems as if the whole world, including Mother Nature, is in transition. We bid goodbye to long evenings of abundant … Read More

Of lost dogs and unconditional love

In recent months, I have noticed with increasing frequency signs that have been placed at intersections along the road. The signs, usually drawn by a child’s hand, … Read More

Talk about NFP and fertility with your doctor

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Celebrating wedding anniversaries

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Reaching our younger generations for Christ

Questions that I am asked most often include, “How do I keep my children practicing their faith?” and “How do I encourage my children, grandchildren, family members … Read More

Pictures of you, pictures of me

Recently my aunt died. She was the younger sister of my late mother, and they both died at a relatively young age. It seems at times like … Read More

Rooting out the weeds

Fun during the summer months meant something entirely different to me when I was younger than it does right now. Excitement in my youth was defined as … Read More

Pentecost people: Earth, wind and fire

When you hear the words “earth, wind and fire” you might think of a certain musical group from the 1970s that has sold over 90 million records … Read More

The godfather and the metal detector

Author’s note: You will note that beginning this month I have asked that the title of this column be changed to “By the Rivers of Babylon.” This … Read More

Inviting Christ into abortion debate

Under the leadership of Bishop David Ricken, our mission in the Diocese of Green Bay is to foster households and communities of discipleship that discover, follow, worship … Read More