The cancer marathon: One step at a time

March 5, 2009

“You have a rare form of cancer which could lead to a short life expectancy, but we’ll need to do more tests to confirm this diagnosis.”

I tried to remain calm when I first heard those words from the doctor in April 2008. But the news hit me like a ton of bricks. A number of thoughts raced through my mind as I began to comprehend what he had just told me. I thought about how this news would impact my wife, who was with me at the doctor’s office. I thought about my family, my children and especially my two granddaughters ages, 5 and 3. Then I began to think about my dad and mom.

The ripple effects of our sins

February 4, 2009

Through Christ’s mercy, we can heal damage caused by sins through obtaining indulgences

Any stone dropped in a pond of still water sends ripples cascading across the pond. The drop of a simple stone affects the whole surface of the pond. Our freely chosen actions have ripple effects as well. What we freely choose to do affects others and ourselves, for good or for ill.

In this light, we can understand that just as our acts of love enrich the lives of others and our own lives, so also our sins cause damage in the lives of others and our own.

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