Discipleship is open to all believers

The king is having a wedding feast. The guests are invited. Unfortunately, some of the chosen people find excuses not to attend. Because the king wants the … Read More

Good intentions lost along the way

They killed his servants and then they killed his son. But was that really what the tenants had intended to do when they originally leased the land? … Read More

Which son did his father’s will?

There’s an old saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I think of it often, especially when contemplating some new diet or exercise plan. … Read More

Focus on generosity not jealousy

Having been an employee in private industry for years, Matthew’s Gospel about the landowner and the laborers used to really bother me. There were no unions in … Read More

Generosity necessary for forgiveness

Perhaps the most difficult moral exhortation in the New Testament is to forgive those who have offended us or to accept forgiveness from those whom we have … Read More

How do you address sin against you?

The whole office knew the story of what had happened between Sue and Nancy. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone, that is, except Sue and Nancy. Sue’s … Read More

God asks for moral responsibility

“Do not conform yourselves to this age.” “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself …” Surely these words aren’t meant for us. Every time I … Read More

Peter recognizes that he is being led

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Jesus’ message is for all believers

This week’s Gospel shows a side of Jesus that seems out of character for the one who has come to bring good news. Initially, Jesus simply ignores … Read More

When in fear, turn to Jesus

“[D]o not be afraid.” I read once that someone counted 365 times in the New Testament where Jesus tells his followers not to be afraid – once … Read More