Taken, blessed, broken, given

When we partake in a meal, the food we consume is broken down by the digestive process and converted into the materials necessary to sustain our cells … Read More

What and who do we value?

“The kingdom of heaven is like … a treasure buried … a pearl of great price.” Every day our newspapers carry stories of COVID-19 and the loss … Read More

Believers live beside unbelief and evil

The longer version of this week’s Gospel includes three parables about the kingdom of God. Most English translations use the term “kingdom” in these parables. Many Scripture … Read More

The sower’s care may not be enough

It’s summer! Temperatures are in the 80s and we’re heading for the 90s as I write. The boaters and swimmers are thrilled, but the farmers are praying … Read More

Bring your burdens to Christ

Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I … Read More

‘Whoever receives you receives me’

Last weekend, in the city where I live, two recent graduates from our local high school organized a rally to discuss right to life issues. They weren’t … Read More

Put faith above all fears and worries

We are experiencing very difficult times. We are subject to a pandemic for which there is currently no cure. The murder of an African-American man has caused … Read More

The Eucharist transforms us

In the 1987 Academy Award winning film “Babette’s Feast,” we meet Babette Hersant, a 19th century Parisian political refugee. Babette sails to Denmark where she is employed … Read More

We have been made for one another

There is a beautiful story about St. Augustine, which occurs as he is walking beside the shores of the sea and pondering the mysteries of the Trinity. … Read More

The Holy Spirit brings understanding

Jargon – those specialized words and expressions that we sometimes use without even being aware of it. As a Roman Catholic liturgist I occasionally catch myself referring … Read More