Sunday Readings

Let go of the old to begin the new

May 25, 2022

Fr. Ron Rolheiser, in his book, “The Holy Longing,” talks about the importance of letting go of something we love so that it can bless us. He uses the image […]

Achieve the peace Jesus gives us

May 18, 2022

This week’s Gospel is a short section from the last discourse of Jesus presented in the Gospel according to John. The whole discourse is about three chapters long; John thought […]

See ‘a new heaven and a new earth’

May 11, 2022

“Then I, John, saw a new heaven and a new earth.” What if each one of us substituted our own name for John’s? What would we see? Jay is an […]

Praying for filled churches

May 4, 2022

One of the things we hear time and again in the Acts of the Apostles is that the number of believers grew. We hear it again today in our first […]

Do you help to feed God’s sheep?

April 27, 2022

In today’s Gospel, we find Peter and some of the other disciples fishing. Now, these were experienced fishermen. They knew something about their craft. For them to catch nothing was […]

A journey from disbelief to belief

April 20, 2022

The Gospel for the second Sunday of Easter tells how Jesus encountered doubting Thomas. The other disciples told Thomas that they had seen the risen Lord. Thomas’ reaction is disbelief […]

Recognize Jesus in those who serve

April 13, 2022

While we are accustomed to hearing the Easter story as recorded in the Gospel of John, there is a second option which may be read in the afternoon on Easter […]

Silence during the Passion

April 7, 2022

There is a time to be silent and a time to speak up. At least that’s one takeaway from our two Gospels proclaimed during the Palm Sunday liturgy. Jesus’ entry […]

What did Jesus write on the ground?

March 30, 2022

The woman was caught “in the very act of committing adultery.” Did you ever wonder where the man involved was while all of this was going on? Perhaps he was […]

A hidden invitation to the feast

March 23, 2022

In addition to being one of the most familiar Gospel passages, the story of the loving father from Luke 15:11-32 is a classic of world literature, often appearing in anthologies […]

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