Trust in the seeds of new life

She was neither very young nor very old. She’d come looking for help. When I met her in the gathering space at church she was trembling and … Read More

Trusting in our faith

We have all heard that saying, “Seeing is believing.” The gospel for Divine Mercy Sunday epitomizes this statement as St. Thomas tells the other apostles that unless … Read More

Rise up from fear to new life

“… to rise from the dead.” In some ancient belief systems sleep was understood to be a “little death” and rising from sleep was like rising from … Read More

The Passion is the greatest love story

As we enter Holy Week with the celebration of Palm Sunday, we always listen to one of the versions of the Passion of Jesus. We can be … Read More

Faith in Jesus produces fruit

They were a large manufacturing plant but, when the pandemic hit, their business, like so many others, was severely impacted. Profits plummeted. They needed to tighten their … Read More

God never abandons his people

Most of us, especially those of us who grew up watching Charlton Heston’s Ten Commandments or, more recently, Disney’s Prince of Egypt, are quite familiar with God’s … Read More

Like the fisherman, own your work

During this pandemic many small restaurants that once depended on indoor dining have had to close. But every so often we hear about a restaurant owner who … Read More

The embodiment of true faith

The readings for the Second Sunday of Lent always have part of the Abraham story as the first selection and a version of Jesus’ Transfiguration with Moses … Read More

Jesus understands temptation

Karen is among the best and the brightest. She graduated at the top of her class and, even during a pandemic, managed to find work in her … Read More

An invitation to ‘Go to Joseph’

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Sunday Reading commentary to invite you to “Restore the Hope: Go to Joseph.” As we near the end of our Diocesan Year … Read More