Great wealth can become idolatry

In this week’s Gospel after the rich young man departs, Jesus says to the disciples, “How hard it is for those who have wealth to enter the … Read More

Support marriage through actions

There’s been a great deal of conversation in the news lately about marriage. Christians believe that marriage is sacred, but movie magazines call it old fashioned and … Read More

What hungers do you feed?

It might have been a scene taken straight out of the Great Depression; lines of people waiting all night on the streets of our cities. Like unemployed … Read More

Serve instead of being served

“Let us beset the just one because he is obnoxious to us.” “Where do the wars and … conflicts among you come from?” Well, “Where jealousy and … Read More

Faith and works are bound together

The second reading this week from James seems to set up an opposition between faith and works. The text has been read often in such a manner … Read More

See the miraculous in the ordinary

A few weeks ago I saw an amazing thing on the evening news. It was the story of a young army medic in Afghanistan who, when his … Read More

How you begin and end matters

One of my teachers in college, the very first day of the semester, taught us the BME principle. He proclaimed: “B is for the beginning, M is … Read More

God wears all kinds of disguises

“He performed … great miracles … and protected us along our … journey.” Glen is a tow truck driver in a small Wisconsin town in the southern … Read More

Transformed by the Eucharist

No one disputes the importance of food for human life. Food, however, is important not only for mere sustenance. We also use it for celebration. God fed … Read More

The art of gratitude over grumbling

The art of grumbling needs little practice. Even small children are capable of grousing, whining, muttering and carping at the drop of a hat. When they don’t … Read More