Dependence is a sign of growth

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus describes his relationship to his disciples through the image of the vine and the branches. Our connection with Jesus is as close … Read More

Mothers reflect God’s love for us

“Beloved, we are God’s children now.” When we hear these words proclaimed just three weeks before Mother’s Day we might want to take a minute to think … Read More

Be an instrument of God’s peace

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-89), a Jesuit priest-poet, was one of the great religious poets of the 19th century. In his poem “Peace,” he wrote: “piecemeal peace is … Read More

Bring peace to those who doubt

How are we to live as Christians in a post-Easter world? One possible answer can be found in the Book of Acts where we read that “[T]he … Read More

We too are called to be consolers

In his “Spiritual Exercises” St. Ignatius Loyola gives two bits of advice to the retreatant when the time comes for contemplating the resurrection. One should “be glad … Read More

Choose to stay or walk away

It seems that every few days another high level political figure leaves the White House. People on one side of the political aisle refuse to approve anything … Read More

See Jesus through goodness to others

Do you have a bucket list? A friend told me he would like to see the Grand Canyon, the pyramids of Egypt, the Panama Canal before he … Read More

Retrieve the ‘lost Sabbath’

“In those days, all the princes of Judah, the priests, and the people added infidelity to infidelity, practicing all the abominations of the nations and polluting the … Read More

A newfound spiritual freedom

The first reading this week tells of the Ten Commandments, given to the people in the desert after they escaped slavery in Egypt. During the desert sojourn … Read More

Back down from the mountain

It had been a mountaintop experience. The dean had called Peg into his office and told her that she had placed first in her class and won … Read More