May brings thoughts, and flowers, of Mary

During May, many people honor the Virgin Mother with May crownings and May altars. It’s also the time when Mary gardens begin to bloom, or be planted. … Read More

A tour of the Diocesan Museum

Members of the Diocese of Green Bay’s Communications Department, which includes The Compass, visited the Diocesan Museum on May 5. The field trip was in lieu of … Read More

When Mother Angelica came to Appleton

I remember when I met Mother Angelica. I had been a reporter for The Compass for about a year in September 1986. Mother Angelica was visiting Appleton … Read More

Sweet on social media

Do you Facebook? Recently, I had heard that Facebook is for “old people” (at least middle-aged) and not the coolest thing on the block anymore when it … Read More

World Meeting of Families pilgrims hold reunion

The World Meeting of Families pilgrimage, sponsored by The Compass in partnership with the Office of Family and Married Life, attracted more than 100 people to Philadelphia … Read More

Mass on campus: Enjoy the homily

One of the perks of working for the church (more specifically, the Diocese of Green Bay) is the opportunity to attend daily Mass on the diocesan grounds. … Read More

Specialist making Christmas more special

Former Notre Dame Academy football standout Peter Mortell is going bigger with his giving this Christmas. Last year, Mortell, punter and holder for the University of Minnesota … Read More

Angels for Christmas

How many angels can dance on the page of a website? If you look at The Compass’ website this Christmas, you will see lots of angels dancing … Read More