Foundations of Faith

In a seat above the crowds

May 17, 2022

It’s unlikely to see the pope carried by you, with ostrich feathers waving overhead, but Pope Francis recently referred to that tradition, due to a persistent health issue with his […]

Masses for the dead for 30 days

May 10, 2022

Three gold pieces led to Masses for the dead in a whole new way in the sixth century. Because of it, though most of us may not know about it, […]

They came to the tomb with spices

May 4, 2022

On May 8, the western Catholic church celebrates the Fourth Sunday of Easter, often called “Good Shepherd Sunday” because of its Gospel: Jn 10:27-30, where Jesus speaks of his sheep. […]

A message from Rome to the world

April 12, 2022

When you want to make an announcement that goes right from where you’re speaking to all around the world, what do you call it? If you’re Pope Francis, you call […]

A Way of the Cross across the water

April 5, 2022

We are used to the traditional 14 stations of the Way of the Cross, following the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem. But there is another “Way of the Cross” that follows […]

Lady Day, the day the swallows come back from Nazareth

March 22, 2022

Are you ready for Lady Day? No, I am not referring to a jazz singer from the middle of the last century — Billie Holiday. Instead, this is the name […]

Finding blood on a stone

March 15, 2022

As we journey through Lent, we are headed toward Calvary with Christ. When we think of Calvary, or Golgotha as it was called in Hebrew, we naturally think of the […]

Stations of the Cross remind faithful of Christ’s perfect example, depth of love

March 8, 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — From partaking in the sacrament of reconciliation to fasting to choosing what to give up, Lent is full of traditions that Catholics around the world take part […]

When an old couple got new names

March 1, 2022

Why do people change their names? There can be many reasons, some perfectly legitimate like adoption or marriage and some not so legitimate, such as aliases for criminal purposes. The […]

A last bite before Lent begins

February 22, 2022

Taking a bite out of the last of what, at one time, became forbidden food during Lent has led to many tasty traditions. Two of the biggest are Mardi Gras […]

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