The other babies of the season

During the Christmas season, we naturally think of babies. The whole season is about the Nativity of the Lord, God coming to us as a little child … Read More

The first Christmas food

When you put out your Nativity scene, what do you see when you take up the crib?  The wooden boards of a manger? Straw? Swaddling clothes? Baby … Read More

An oak tree for Christmas?

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An old term for Advent’s Lord

“What does that mean: ‘Maranatha’?” A man asked the question after an Advent season Mass last year. The deacon looked at me and said to him: “Ask … Read More

Sin needs healing

“Quick, I’m hurt and I need a bandage.” Or “Hey, you’d better get some ice on that bruise.” We usually know what to do when we get … Read More

The pope no longer wears a crown

It was 54 years ago, on Nov. 13, 1964, when the pope last wore a crown. During the third session of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), just … Read More

Praying for protection

When someone speaks of the Leonine Prayers, the first thing that might come to mind is a lion. After all, the first letter of Peter refers to … Read More

What witness color will you wear?

If you were called into court as a witness, what color clothing would you wear? Most of us would probably wear some sedate, conservative color like blue … Read More

Shining a light on eternity

There’s always a light on at the house that’s in your church. Most of us are aware of what is called “the sanctuary light” in our churches. … Read More