When three days become one

Welcome to the longest Welcome to the longest day. No, that’s not a reference to Monday. We have begun the triduum — triduum is a Latin word, … Read More

Jesus lies in Mary’s arms again

As we enter the solemn days of Holy Week, our thoughts turn to Christ’s Passion. They also turn to Mary, standing at the cross (Jn 19:25). Depictions … Read More

With spring comes the passion flower

Flowers  symbolize Easter — from the pure white lily to the purple and yellow crocus and fragrant hyacinth. But another flower comes to us before Easter and … Read More

The soldier who held the lance

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Paying for the Temple in Jesus’ time

This Sunday’s Gospel (March 7) share the familiar story of Jesus overturning the tables of money changers in the Temple (Jn 2: 13:25). We know that business … Read More

Rood in church is a good thing

Have you ever heard of Holy Rood Church? We don’t technically have one in our diocese. However, we could because we have at least three churches named: … Read More

How the Holy Family got to Egypt

Even though Christmas is past and the Gospels currently follow the life of the adult Jesus, February is traditionally the month of the Holy Family in the … Read More

What’s old is actually new

Few things are more familiar to Catholics than St. Peter’s Basilica, with its huge dome and the surrounding Vatican Square. However, this great church is not the … Read More

Woven from rushes off the floor

Have you ever made a cross by hand? Maybe from two sticks, a couple of corn stalks or blades of grass? St. Brigid of Ireland, whose feast … Read More