A saint who ate very little

Prayer, fasting and almsgiving stand as the three pillars of Lent and make St. Joseph Oriol a model of Christian living, at least in spirit. This 17th … Read More

From caves to stoning and back

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From nobility to abbess

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A key figure in Icelandic Catholicism

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A positive family influence

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Called to treat a slave as a brother

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Some controversy around this saint’s death

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Being an abbess ran in the family

The story of St. Werburga of Chester has it all: royalty, saints, wild geese, Danish raiders — even Lady Godiva. This 7th-century English saint was born at … Read More

Walking across the water

It can be tempting to think that women demanded and received equal rights only recently. The life of St. Cannera (also known as Cainder, Conaire and Kinnera) … Read More

This king was a great Dane

St. Canute IV of Denmark led a checkered life that combined good and less attractive elements. Canute (also called Cnut, Knud and Knute) was born in the … Read More