White Boy Rick

NEW YORK (CNS) — Set in early 1980s Detroit, “White Boy Rick” (Columbia), a gritty fact-based slice of working-class life, is intended as a critique of hypocritical … Read More


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Eighth Grade

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The Happytime Murders

NEW YORK — Occasionally, as in “The Happytime Murders” (STX), filmmakers become enamored of the idea of foul-mouthed, sexualized puppets, as if no one had considered this … Read More

Operation Finale

NEW YORK — World War II movies are their own genre but not many film stories are told from the Jewish perspective. “Operation Finale” (MGM) corrects that … Read More

Mile 22

NEW YORK — The sloppy, toxic mix of gunfire, explosions and cursing that is “Mile 22” (STX) makes it difficult to endure and impossible to recommend. Dialogue … Read More