Compass Teacher Worksheets


At a time when we cannot go to Mass, we can practice what is called a “Spiritual Communion.” This means that we can share with God how we want to be close to him in our thoughts, actions and prayers. Here is a resource which provides a guide for adults and children to enter into fully into Spiritual Communion: Spiritual Communion guide for Adults & Children  PDF   /  JPG

The Compass Teacher Worksheets 2021-2022

NovemberSpiritusHow to pray
DecemberLiving Justice Migrants and Refugees


The Compass Teacher Worksheets 2020-2021

SeptemberParish EvangelizationMatching Saints
OctoberRespect LifeShowing Dignity and Respect
NovemberSpiritusMaking Missionary Disciples
DecemberLiving JusticeMade in God's Image
JanuaryCatholic SchoolsCatholic Super Smart People
FebruaryMarriageThe Sacrament of Matrimony
MarchMissionary Discipleship Habits of Discipleship
AprilGriefLearning about Grief
MaySummer ChallengeCorporal Works of Mercy

The Compass Teacher Worksheets 2019-2020

SeptemberParish EvangelizationDisciples Word Search
OctoberRespect LifeRespectLife PDF, Respect Life JPGs
NovemberSpiritusSpiritus PDF, Spiritus JPGs
DecemberLiving JusticeLiving Justice PDF
Living Justice JPGs
JanuaryCatholic SchoolsCatholic Schools Week PDF
Catholic Schools Week jpg
FebruaryThe Domestic ChurchDomestic Church PDF
Domestic Church JPGs
MarchMissionary Discipleship ListeningMissionary Disciples Listening PDF
Missionary Disciples Listening JPGs
AprilService ProjectsService Projects PDF
Service Projects JPG
MayAllouez CemeteryCorporal Works of Mercy PDF
Corporal Works of Mercy JPG

The Compass Teacher Worksheets 2018-2019

SeptemberNew EvangelizationGo and Make Disciples PDF/JPG
OctoberRespect LifeRespect Life PDf & JPGs
NovemberVocationsVocations PDF & JPGs
DecemberLiving JusticeLiving Justice PDF & JPGs
JanuaryCatholic SchoolsCatholic Schools PDF & JPGs
FebruarySt. ValentineMarriage & Family Life St. Valentine PDF & JPGs
MarchPastoral CareThe Name of Jesus PDF and JPGs
AprilThe National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, Champion, Wisc.Our Lady Of Good Help PDF and JPGs

The Compass Teacher Worksheets 2017-2018

SeptemberNew EvangelizationWhat is a Disciple? (PDF and JPGs)
OctoberPriesthood SundayPriesthood Sunday (PDFs and JPGs)
NovemberMissionary DisciplesMissionary Disciples (PDFs and JPGs)
DecemberImmigrationImmigration (PDFs and JPGs)
JanuaryNational Catholic Schools WeekNational Catholic Schools Week (PDFs and JPGs)
FebruaryLentDignity Of Life (PDFs and JPGs)
MarchGood DiscipleshipAn Examination Of Conscience through a Heart of Love (PDFs and JPGs)
AprilAdoption Adoption (PDFs and JPGs)
MayCommon Ground Common Ground (PDFs and JPGs)

The Compass Teacher Worksheets 2016-2017

2016-2017 Teacher Worksheet Schedule
SeptemberNew EvangelizationSharing the Good News! (PDF and JPGs)
OctoberPriesthood SundayPriesthood Sunday True of False (PDF and JPGs)
NovemberStewardship WeekendPraying, Serving, Sharing & Thanking (PDF and JPGs)
DecemberChristmasMerry Christmas! (PDF and JPGs)
JanuaryCatholic Schools WeekNational Catholic Schools Week (PDF and JPGs)
FebruaryLentForgiveness Card (PDF and JPG)
MarchParish MinistriesCelebrating St. Joseph (PDF and JPGs)
AprilAdoptionRespectful Ways to Talk About Adoption (PDF and JPGs)
MayGraduation5 Objects from My Backpack (PDF and JPGs)

Compass Teacher Worksheets 2015-2016

2015-2016 Teacher Worksheet Schedule
SeptemberDivine MercySt. Faustina receives a Great Gift! (PDF and JPGs)
OctoberVocationsVocation Awareness Week (PDF and JPGs)
NovemberStewardshipEvery Knee Shall Bend (PDF and JPGs)
DecemberImmigrationImmigration (PDF and JPG)
JanuaryCatholic SchoolsCelebrate National Catholic Schools Week (PDF and JPG)
FebruaryLiving Justice (Lent)Lent: 40 Days of Renewal (PDF and JPG)
MarchParish MinistersParish Ministers Worksheet (PDF and JPG)
AprilAdoption AwarenessAdoption Awareness Worksheets (PDF and JPG)
MayCollege Prep

Compass Teacher Worksheets 2014-2015

2014-2015 Teacher Worksheet Schedule
SeptemberPope FrancisTweet Trivia with the Holy Father (PDF)
OctoberRespect Life/Family LifeRespect Life/Family Worksheets
VocationsVocation Awareness Airplane
AdventAdvent Worksheet
DecemberImmigrationDecember - Immigration
FebruaryLentWorksheet for Lent
MarchParish Ministers2015_03_March_Ministry
AprilAdoption AwarenessAdoption Awareness Worksheet (PDF)
Adoption Awareness Lesson Plan (PDF)
MayCollege PrepCollege Prep Worksheet (PDF)