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April 14, 2000 Issue
Local News

Take a spiritually nourishing journey this Holy Week

Kimberly parish members present a living Last Supper

By Kip Vincent
Compass Correspondent

APPLETON - The Last Supper is coming to life this week at Holy Names of Jesus Parish in Kimberly.

A real living cast of 15 male actors from the parish is presenting its portrayal of The Living Supper for the second time since 1991.

The production is directed by Linda Hofacker Mongin, assisted by Virginia Mongin. For many of the actors, this will be the second time they've taken part in the portrayal, after playing the same role nine years ago.

Participants talk eagerly about how meaningful the experiences have been for them.

Fran Ebben, in the role of Matthew, the tax collector, said, "He gave up his prestige, wealth, to follow Jesus. When he made that commitment, he found inner peace. As I review Matthew, I ask myself, 'Do I betray Jesus by being unkind to others?' "

Dean Lamers plays Thaddeus, the apostle who felt unworthy but was most sincere.

Merle Hietpas portrays Simon the Zealot, formerly a revolutionary but changing his way of living through a spiritual journey with Jesus.

Dave Coenen, who portrays Bartholomew - one of the first disciples. In Bartholomew, "you have a man of vision, imagination and wisdom," Coenen said.

Terry Tess, who portrays Jesus, explained, "We have attempted to bring together the Passover with Moses, Aaron and the sacrificial lamb with the new Passover interwoven with the story."

As the actors talk about how the apostles engaged in "soul-searching," these same feelings seem to be happening to the actors too.

Ebben said, "It's something you really feel, to be part of this program, a wonderful positive experience! If you have one chance to bring Jesus into someone's life, this can be a powerful influence."

Hofacker, director of The Living Supper said, "This beautiful story is ecumenical in form and has fostered a growth within people. In today's world, we have to make decisions based on Christian principles.

She said The Living Supper is both entertaining and inspirational, and called it a "spiritual journey." She added, "This great cast of 15 men really formed a close bonding within themselves."

Virginia Mongin pointed out, "This is the most popular story people have been asking for."

This production will be seen at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, April 13-15. Tickets are $4 each. Proceeds will go to church charities.

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