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April 21, 2000 Issue
Virtue L Reality

Family joins in celebration

To prepare for Easter, family takes part in Lenten observances

By Rachelle Rachubinski

Easter is a time of celebration. Every family celebrates Easter in their own way. My family celebrates in different ways. Some of our Easter traditions include following through on Lenten practices such as abstaining from meat on Fridays, attending the Easter Vigil Mass and sharing a meal as a family.

Abstaining from meat on Fridays is a Lenten practice that is part of my family's Easter traditions. Everybody in my family follows this practice and tries their hardest to eat fish or something besides meat on Fridays during Lent. My family has this tradition because it is part of their faith. Giving up meat on Fridays helps my family and me to remember everything that Jesus went through before his death. Giving up meat on Fridays is something small when compared to what Christ did for us.

Attending the Easter Vigil Mass is also a tradition for my family and me. I'm not exactly sure why we go to Mass the day before Easter instead of the day of Easter. I think that it is just a preference of my parents. Attending Mass the day before Easter helps me to celebrate Christ's resurrection because I am with many people who are also celebrating the same thing.

The part of the Mass that really gets me involved is when they hand a candle out to everyone and they shut off all of the lights. The priest then takes a big candle and passes the flame to someone who passes it to someone else. The church is soon lit by candles.

Sharing a meal is also a tradition that my family practices during Easter. On Easter Sunday, my family shares a meal in honor of Christ's resurrection. We all come together to remember that Christ has died for us and now he is risen. This helps me celebrate Christ's resurrection because I'm with my whole family and just being together helps me to celebrate.

Easter is a time when different traditions may take place. Some traditions practiced may be old while others may be new. I hope to pass on at least some of these traditions that I have shared with my family to my children and grandchildren.

(Rachubinski is a sophomore from St. Mary Parish, Menasha.)

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