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April 21, 2000 Issue
Virtue L Reality

Giving butter lambs

Mother and daughter do project together

By Andria Beyer

The weekend of Palm Sunday, my mother and I make butter lambs to represent the sacrificed lamb. We decorate them and give all but one away to family, friends and neighbors. The other one is saved for us at our Easter meal.

We go to church on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Saturday for the blessing of the food and then the Easter Vigil. On Saturday, we take our Easter meal in baskets to get blessed by the priest and then we come back a few hours later and go to the Easter Mass.

On Easter Sunday, we sleep in and then we eat our Easter meal which represents the rising of Jesus Christ. The meal usually consists of boiled eggs, bread, ham, Polish kielbasa, a butter lamb and wine, which all have been blessed. Then I go search the house for my two Easter baskets which consist of hard boiled eggs, candy, jewelry, money, a book, etc. In the afternoon of Easter, my mother's family comes over to have a big luncheon.

This tradition of the blessing of food and celebration of Jesus at Mass represents our love for him. We are joyful that he has risen and in showing that, we participate in the above traditions.

(Beyer is a sophomore from St. John Parish, Menasha.)

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