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April 21, 2000 Issue
Virtue L Reality

Polish basket holds interest

Family colors Easter eggs together as a Friday night activity

By Amanda Petersen

In my family, we color the eggs on Friday night. My Mom usually uses the pretty plastic slips that go over the eggs and then shrink to fit them when you put them in hot water. My Dad, sister and I use the dyes that are put in water and vinegar and then you drop the eggs into the cups with the dye. The reason we do our eggs on Friday night is because Saturday afternoon, we go to the church to have the baskets blessed.

Saturday morning, my Mom puts together all the food we brought from Chicago, along with the eggs and other paraphernalia, into a huge Easter basket. A traditional Polish Easter basket contains butter in the shape of a lamb or cross, Easter bread (a round loaf with a cross on top), horseradish to remind us of Jesus' suffering, eggs which indicate new life, Kielbasa (indicative of God's favor), ham or smoked bacon, salt, (symbolic of justice), cheese, holy water and a candle to signify the power of light over darkness.

Saturday afternoon, we all go to St. John's Church to celebrate the blessing of the baskets.

On Sunday morning, after we find the baskets from the "Easter Bunny", we eat the blessed food and pray, remembering Jesus' return to the world.

(Petersen is a sophomore from St. Gabriel Parish, Neenah.)

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