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April 21, 2000 Issue
Virtue L Reality

Family's Easter traditions passed down over the generations

What parents did as children, their own children do now

By Valerie Todryk

My family has many Easter traditions, most of which were passed down from when my parents were children. These traditions start on Palm Sunday when my family goes to Mass to celebrate the Passion. We all get palms from church and put them up in our bedrooms for the following year.

On Good Friday, our family colors Easter eggs. We use many different colors and label an egg for each person in the family and then color it in the person's favorite color.

The next day, on Holy Saturday, my family packs a large basket with all of the food that we will be using for our Easter meal. We then take it to church where a priest blesses it. We all put our Easter baskets out before we go to sleep and wait for the "Easter Bunny" to come and visit.

The next morning, it is always a challenge to find where our Easter baskets have been hidden. My sister and I always start the search and usually find each other's before we find our own, but we never tell the other where their basket is. Once we do find our baskets, there are many treats inside.

Highlighting the basket is usually what we have given up for Lent along with other delightful candies. We then get ready to go to our grandparents' house where w meet up and celebrate Easter with our relatives.

Easter is a very special time in my family, filled with happiness and tradition.

(Todryk is a sophomore from St. Mary Parish, Menasha.)

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