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May 5, 2000 Issue
Local News

Diocese releases parish plans

Guidelines will help decide how parishes will be staffed

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor Map of Parish Planning Areas

Detailed plans were released this week that over the next several years will shape leadership and staffing for the 198 parishes around the Green Bay Diocese.

The plans for 15 geographic areas were prepared by the parishes in collaboration with the diocese. Plans were then submitted to the Presbyteral Council, made up of priests from various age groups and regions throughout the diocese. The plans also were presented to the Diocesan Pastoral Council, which includes both laity and clergy from the diocese.

Once those two bodies reviewed the plans and recommended their acceptance, the plans were submitted to Bp. Robert Banks, who has now approved the plans.

"These plans are guidelines to be used in making personnel decisions as they arise in the future," Bp. Banks said. "Because they are guidelines, they are subject to change as circumstances dictate."

The diocese has been doing plans for about 30 years, but for the first time when this planning process began in 1998, there were far fewer priests available then there were parishes. And by the time the plan is fully implemented in 2005, the diocese estimates that there will be 99 priests under the age of 70 available for parish assignments.

That shortfall means that approximately only two-dozen parishes in the diocese will not be sharing a priest with another parish. The majority of parishes, then, will be merged or linked with another parish, and sharing a priest.

In some cases, several parishes will be linked. For example, the five parishes and one station in northern Door County will share one priest with a second priest assigned to assist from May. through October. A pastor for that linkage is currently being open-listed by the diocese.

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