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September 1, 2000 Issue

So happy together

Surviving requires us to ally with others

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor

Last week's heavily-hyped - and watched - finale to CBS-TV's summer hit, Survivor, gave viewers much to think and talk about. Few were pleased that Richard Hatch won the $1 million prize. Several have described him as manipulative - even evil - for masterminding the voting alliance that allowed him and his allies to win the top four prizes.

But rather than condemn the alliance, we should applaud and encourage it. Hatch, and the other three alliance members, realized they couldn't do it alone, that they needed other people in order to survive.

That basic truth of life is why we live together in families and communities and why we form ourselves into a faith community we call church.

Survivor even spawned its own community - the millions of viewers across the country who watched and discussed it, often focusing on ethical issues the show raised.

While there are parallels between Survivor and daily life, we must not forget that it was a TV game show. In life, we are called to continually expand membership in our communities. Our goal must never be to vote anyone off the island. Rather, together, we can all survive and thrive.

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