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September 8, 2000 Issue

Marking a milestone

Finishing the first 500 issues of paper

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor

This month marks a personal milestone. Last week's issue of The Compass was my 500th since becoming editor of your diocesan newspaper 11 years ago. That makes this one my 501st.

Of course, all that presupposes that I counted correctly in arriving at the total. That's no small assumption, as my monthly struggles to reconcile the numbers in the family checkbook with the numbers provided by the bank prove. But I did add the numbers up a couple of times on the calculator and they matched. But then, I could say the same about the checkbook.

At any rate, I've enjoyed my tenure at The Compass, which began on Aug. 17, 1989. When I first arrived, I didn't expect to be here even half as long as I have been. So after that admission of my prognostication skills, I won't predict how many more years I'll be here.

I've learned a lot about this area, its people, our diocesan church and about being an editor over the last 500 issues. I thank especially the people I work with (past and present) in our offices, as well as Bp. Robert Banks, our readers, our writers, the parishes with enough wisdom to subscribe toThe Compass for all their members, my fans and my critics. Without all of you, not only would it not be possible, it wouldn't even be necessary. Thank you.

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