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September 15, 2000 Issue
Renew 2000

Final season of Renew 2000 to start soon

Renewing for the 21st century is the theme for season

By Jeff Kurowski
Compass Assistant Editor

In the final season of Renew 2000 participants will reflect on the call to invite others to share in restoring the world in Christ. "Renewing for the 21st Century," the theme for Renew 2000 Season V, begins the week of Oct. 8.

"It is the conclusion of Renew 2000, but the conclusion is to move us to society-at-large issues," said Jackie Staley, diocesan Renew coordinator. "We are sent to go make a difference as a faith community. We cannot stop at our own issues. The problems throughout the world are ours."

The weekly themes for Season V are:

Week One: Loving the Poor

Week Two: Loving the Earth

Week Three: Loving the Feminine and Masculine

Week Four: Interracial Harmony

Week Five: God's Human Family

Week Six: The Trinity and World Community

"Some are very political and the discussions could be uncomfortable at times," said Staley. "We need to look at the theology. What does the church say?"

Groups with diverse ages will especially benefit from the themes, she added.

"Young people may have different viewpoints to share," said Staley. "They can also learn a great deal from older members of the group and find it wonderfully enriching."

In Season IV, many Renew groups used lectionary based booklets with the themes. The diocese is encouraging groups to combine the readings with the themes in Season V.

"In most cases the readings are not directly related to the lectionary, but there is value in the readings," said Staley. "Take those readings and decide how they speak to your heart."

Unlike past seasons, there is little emphasis on inviting new members to join Renew groups.

"The main focus for this season is retaining those who participated in Season IV," said Staley. "Group members may bring along a friend, but I don't anticipate many new members at this point."

Although Season V marks the final season of Renew 2000, many groups will continue to meet in the future. The diocese will continue to provide materials to those groups if requested.

"There is a possibility of as many as 50% of the groups continuing," said Staley. "Season V calls for continuation to reach out to others. Sometimes all we can do is pray, but it's important to be aware that we are a world church."

"The stories of miracles of faith, have been inspiring," said Staley in reflecting on Renew 2000. "There have been deaths within groups and others have lost someone very close to them. They have been able to find prayerful support in their Renew group. I have also heard stories about family and extended family groups, where it has been difficult at times sharing their feelings, but they have become closer through the experience. The overall benefit is how people have grown spiritually."

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