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October 6, 2000 Issue

Serving an internship

Working with students is rewarding

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor

One rewarding aspect of life at The Compass has been the opportunity to work with young people interested in journalism.

Over the 11 years of my editorship, we've had at least five young adults serve internships. The first was Carl Kopczynski of Coleman; followed by Nancy Vande Hey of Kaukauna; Amanda Locy of Milwaukee, St. Norbert College student; Susan Gloss of St. Bernard Parish, Green Bay, a University of Notre Dame student; and most recently, Rebecca Weiss of Dusseldorf, Germany, whose father, Robert, is an Oshkosh native.

Usually, our interns are with us a few hours a week over a semester or two, or perhaps the summer. In the case of Rebecca, she was with us from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, for all of September. During the month, we got to know her fairly well and she got to know many of the people in the diocesan offices because of her outgoing nature. You've already seen some stories by her and a few more will follow. It's been fun and we wish her well.

For college students interested in an internship, the door is open. We promise to give you a chance to write for almost nothing. And we're proud that our "grads" are doing well in their fields and that the future looks at least as bright for our two most recent interns, Susan and Rebecca.

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