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October 27, 2000 Issue

What does Renew 2000 mean to you?

Themes of Season V

Renew 2000 small faith-sharing groups will begin meeting for six weeks this fall throughout the Church of the Diocese of Green Bay. Groups have the option of starting the week of Oct. 1 or 8. Participants will pray, read Scripture and discuss what it means to them.

Themes for Renew 2000 were developed from documents written by Pope John Paul and the U.S. Catholic bishops to help Catholics prepare for the Third Millennium, and from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Here are the weekly themes for Season V:
-- Week One - Loving the Poor.
-- Week Two - Loving the Earth.
-- Week Three - Loving the Feminine and Masculine.
-- Week Four - Interracial Harmony.
-- Week Five - God's Human Family.
-- Week Six - The Trinity and World Community.

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