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December 22, 2000 Issue

How would you put the holiday season to music?

Children offer their own Christmas carols

By Patricia Kasten
Compass Associate Editor

We all know the songs. From "Deck the Halls" to "Away in a Manger" to "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree," we hear them from Thanksgiving to Dec. 25th. (And maybe a little beyond.) Christmas songs are one of the festive parts of the season - whether it be in church with hymns or in the mall with secular tunes about Santa and elves.

But if you wrote your own carol, what would you write about? Snow, Jesus, sleighbells or snowmen?

That's what The Compass asked local children for our 13th annual "Just for Kids" project. Each year, we hear from individual children as well as students in Catholic schools and religious education programs around the diocese. This year, we asked them to reflect on this question:

"If you were told to write a Christmas carol, what would it be about? Why? What type of carol would it be - religious, country, rap, folksong, something else? What sort of instruments would best be used to play it? (If you're not sure about a new carol, tell us what familiar Christmas carol is your favorite.) Why?"

We received 132 entries. Of these, 102 wrote their own songs. Thirty others chose to describe their favorite traditional carols (see Students choose top Christmas carols).

Below are some of the responses: (Students' spelling and grammar have been retained.)

St. James Parish, Cooperstown, Grade 5:

If I would make up a christmas song, it would be kind of like Silent night only it would be faster. It would include the way Jesus was born and Mary and Joseph on way to bethlehem, also I would put in when the man from the inn said it was full, but showed them the way to the stable and how they let such a special person be born in a barn. - Danaille Brouchard

Ss Peter & Paul School, Hortonville, Grade 6:

It would have to be a religious song, mixed with some rock. I would use all the kinds of saxophones , a piano, a couple flutes and some bells. It would be about how Jesus is the King of all Kings. - Courtney Leeman

Sacred Heart, Manawa, Grade 3:

Silent night the moon is bright. Silent night the day is bright. Silent night the night is nice. Silent night the stars are bright. I chose this song because I thought that He would like it. - Lindsey Krauss


Jesus Rocks, Jesus Rocks. Ya Baby! - Mitchell Nichadem

Silent Night holy bright nights are heavenly cause it's really turning night. Nights are very heavenly and bright, sweet and calm, sweet and heavenly peace, nights are sweet and nice! They are beautiful and bright, they look nice! Christmas is the best in the West!!! I wrote the song in my own words containing Silent Night! I like silent Night because it's pretty and beautiful. - Brittany Baldwin

Holy Trinity School, Casco, Grade 3:

Santa and his Reindeer. Joy to the world. Lets have some fun, riding on our reindeer, go Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Coment, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. Hurry before the time runs out. Santa will tell us how fast you are. Maybe you can beat your old record. Har-ray. Yes we're here. Santa did the reindeer beat their old record? Yes. They did. Har-ray. Har-ray they beat their old records. Way to go to go guys, you did it, you did it, ya you did it. - Amy LeFevre

My Carol would be about what realy happened a long time ago. What Mary and Joseph saw and heard that special night. They trusted in God. My song would have drum, trumpet, piano and gutiar. - Jacqueline Baudhuin

St. Anthony School, Oconto Falls, Grade 5:

It would be about sheperds and kings coming to Baby Jesus. I think it is a beautiful story of my faith. - Michael Poradek

The Jamican Christmas Rap. It would have a Jamican Island beat. The best instruments would be bongo drums, steelpans, trombones, and saxaphones. It would be a song about no snow in Jamaica so Santa had to swing through the trees. - Ben Nielsen

It would be called "Christmas in the Country." It would be country music with guitar, piano, violin, and harmonica. It would be slow and be about the families coming to my house. - Teri Malingowski

It would deal with the birth of Jesus. I wouldn't be positive on the title until I wrote the song. The carol would be religious. I would write it because it would deal with the true meaning of Christmas. - Jonathan Beaumia

St. Francis de Sales, Manitowoc, Grade 2:

It would be about Santa and his workshop. The instruments would be violin and piano. - Sarah Olson

If I wrote my own carol, they would be Jingle Bells and Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer. The instruments for the music would be a piano and a flute. - Calvin Pautz

It would be about Santa Claus. The instrument for the music would be a saxaphone. - Jeffrey De Meyer

It would be about bellls. The instruments for the music would be a piano. - Emily Bouril

It would be about Jesus. The instruments for the music would be the flute and the clarinet. My favorite Christmas carol is Rudolf because he has a red nose and he's funny. - Tiffany Bowring

Holy Cross School, Kaukauna, Grade 5:

To the tune of Deck The Halls. Deck the manger with fancy ribbons, Fa la la la la la la la la. Little Christ Jesus is being born, Fa la la la la la la la la. With all the animals around him, Fa la la la la la la la la. With all the angels singing, Fa la la la la la la la la. - Richard Heinritz

The tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Twinkle! Twinkle! I'm a star. How I wonder who He is? Up above the stable barn Like a diamond in the sky. Twinkle! Twinkle! I'm a star How I wonder who He is? - Stephanie Dercks

Tune to "Noel". On Christmas day I did hear that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. In Beth-le-hem, He was born in Beth-le-hem. I heard Mary say that this was the King. He was so sweet in Mary's arms. He was born in Beth-le-hem. He is the King of Angels. - Lindsay Brick

It would be a religious song. The tune would be "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer." And how Jesus was born in the little town of Bethlehem, in a far away land, long ago. I could not forget Mary & Joseph. - Troy Diedrich

The tune of "I'm a Little Teapot" I saw Jesus. He was tiny. I was shocked, He was crying. I saw Mary, She was happy. She was smiling and I was crying. I saw Joseph. He was smiling. He was praying then I did too. - Kristie Giordana

The tune of Deck The Halls. Jesus has been born fa la la la la la. Deck the Baby with blankets fa la la la la la. Praise our King with our gifts fa la la la la la. Sing the songs of Jesus birth fa la la la la la. - Cathy Rietveld

It'd be through baby Jesus' eyes. I think it would be different than other Christmas songs. I always thought it would be neat. "I hope you have Happy and Merry Christmas and a great New Year" would be the saying at the end. - Marissa Vande Voort

Jesus was born in Bethlehem. One Dec. 25, on that evening Mary and Joseph were so very happy. He became our savior and our King. He died and resurrected for me and you. He opened the gates of heaven. You and I can live with him for forever. To the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer." - Jordin Van De Hey

The Tune of Jingle Bells: Jesus is Jesus is. He is our Savior. He is blest as our King and He loves us all. O Jesus is, Jesus is. He is our Savior. He loves us and we love Him. O Lord how that star shone! O how I said that He loves us. Well, I love Him too! - Kaylee Rentmeester

To the tune of "Up on the Housetop." In a manger in Bethlehem, Jesus Christ our Savior is born. He has come from Heaven above, To bring peace, joy, and love. Jesus Christ came to earth that day. And gave us the 1st Christmas day. - Angela Ebben

Tune of "What Child Is This" Oh, why did I travel with Joseph and Mary? On this long journey we couldn't find an inn. We found a stable barn and He was born. There came shepherds and wisemen to honor this baby. They knelt and prayed in front of this baby. He was named Jesus and saved the world from sin. - Andy Vosters

It would be about Jesus' birth, from the innkeeper's point of view. It would be a religious song. It would have many instruments in it. He would tell about how he felt when he had to tell Mary, Joseph and Jesus to stay in the stable. - Becky Meulemans

Jesus was born under the stable barn. Jesus Christ is born today! Let's go see the babe right now. Jesus Christ is born today! As he grows up he plays and sleeps. Jesus Christ is born today! He suffered for us on the Cross. Jesus Christ is born today! Jesus Christ is born - today! - Justin Daufman

The Snow is Falling: The snow is falling, the stars are shining, while Jesus is laying in the manger. The shepherds and wiseman are on their way. And the Little Drummer Boy plays his song for Jesus. While the snow is still falling for Him, letting everyone know a King has been born! - Ben Meyerhofer

St. Bernadette, Appleton, Grade 4:

My song would be about getting and giving gifts. It would also be about peace not war. - Jenna Collen

I would write a new country song about Christmas trees. You would play the song with violins, clarinets, baritones, and trumpets. - Danielle Lynch

My song would be rock-n-roll. The instruments would be an electric guitar, electric piano and drums. It would be about Christmas morning because I like Christmas morning the best. - Danny Murphy

My song's title would be called Christmas List. It would have two instruments that are drums and piano. The style would be rock. It would be about the toys I want for Christmas and the problems they have getting to me in Santa's sled. - Zach Wettstein

It's marching type and fast. It's about Santa, Snow and Santa's elfs... The instruments are bass drum, trumpet. Piccolo, alto sax and contra bassoon. - Tommy Mauthe

My song is about snowmen because sometimes I think snowmen are real. The instruments I would use are a Keyboard, three electric guitars and a huge set of drums. - Kristopher Harkins

My song is about deer in the woods. It is a blues song. The instruments in it are the tuba, recorder and French horn. - Kendall Vosters

"Peaceful Are The Stars." I choose this song to be about stars because I think they're so beautiful when they sparkle and shine. - Mandy Bigalke

I would make up a new song called Snowflakes Falling because I like watching them fall to the ground. It would be a jazz song with a saxophone, trumpet and a electric keyboard playing. - Dana DeYoung

I think jazz would be interesting with guitar, saxophone and violin. It would be neat because the song would be fun but also be telling people that Jesus has come. My song would be called "Under This Star There is A Gift." - Emily Ehlert

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Assumption BVM, Pulaski, Grade 5:

My Christmas carol would be about someone singing in the snow. I was thinking about the "Singing In The Rain" because I like the song. My song would be a folk song. I would have pianos, flutes and clarinets. - Danielle Schmidt

"Santa Got Caught In A Blizzard" It would be about Santa because he is a popular person to be in songs. The type of song it would be is pop. The instruments that would be best to use are the guitar, the keyboard, and the drums. - Samantha Smurawa

"Christmas in Hollywood." I would want it to be rock because rock music is my favorite. It would be about a snowy and cold day. Actors and actresses would not be prepared because it barely snows. - Tim Smurawa

My Christmas carol would be about the true meaning of Christmas. It would be my way of reminding people that love, peace, giving, and Jesus Christ being born is the true meaning of Christmas. It would be a religious theme with a saxophone and piano playing soft, peaceful music. - Beth McMahon

My Christmas carol would be about Jesus and his mother. It would be about that so little kids could dance to it. The type of music would be jazz. The instruments would be piano, guitar, drums and a saxophone. - Kimberly Uelmen

I would write about reindeer because I like Santa's reindeer. It would be a folk song. A harmonica, guitar, and piano would play the song. - Danny Lotter

My Christmas carol would be about a baby being held by his mother. His mother named him Jesus. I think it would sound right. It would be religious because I am religious. I would use a piano, flute, and a guitar. - Anne Moore

I would write about my cat because I like the way she looks. It would be a pop song. I would use these instruments, some drums and a piano. - Briana LaPlante

I would choose stars because I like the way they shine. My Christmas carol would be a folk song. The instruments I would use would be a flute, piano, snare drum and xylophone - Laura Szymanski

It would be about the Nativity because it is about Jesus being born more than anything else. The kind of music would be classic. The instruments used would be, bass drum, piano, flute, and violin. - Nicholas Hoppock

(It) would be about a horse, because I love horses. I have one horse, and his name is Blue. He is paint. I love my horse. I would use a piano. It would be a folk song. - Skylier King-Whitney

(It) would be about candy. The type of carol would be pop. The instruments I would use are guitar, and drums. I would be a singer with a microphone - Tyler Wichmann

(It) is about dogs. It would be about dogs because I like dogs. It would be a rap song. The instruments I would use would be drums, piano, guitar, a flute, I would use a trumpet, and I would also use cymbals. - Tanner Wojcik

(It) would be about Santa Claus. We would sing songs. The sound of the music would be country music. The instruments would be drums and a guitar. We would get to sing in a microphone. We would be in a group and pass the microphone. - Celina Kaliesif

It would be a Christmas Pop song. It would have 4 beats to a measure, and four minutes and 22 seconds long. My song's name would be, "It's All About Christmas." It would use a techno-board, electric guitar, and drums. - Daniel Conant

My Christmas Carol is Shining Star. I would have my song be Christian music. The instruments would be drums, piano, flute, bells and three singers; Beth, Lori and me, Kristin Holewinski. My mother, Lois Holewinski, would be the director. - Kristin Holewinski

(It) would be about snow. Snow is so fluffy. It would be a Country song. The instruments I would use are guitar, piano, harp, drums, and a clarinet. I would call it... "The Snow Globe." I hope everyone would buy my song. - Sara Ladowski

Holy Martyrs School, Green Bay, Grade 5:

I would write a Christmas carol about Jesus' birth because it's Christmas and it's a special day. It would be a religious carol because Christmas is a religious day. It would be played by piano, guitar, tambourine, string bass and singing - Matt Skaletski

It would be about when Jesus was born in the manger. Also, it would include when the angel told Mary she was going to have Jesus and when Mary visited her cousin. It would be about that because I find it amazing. - Katarina Kuehl

It would be about Jesus when he suffered and died for us. Everyone is supposed to know about Jesus because he opened the gates of heaven. It would be a religious song. The best instrument that would be in it would be the guitar. - Katie Phillips

It would be about the Nativity Scene. It would probably be a folksong. I think a flute would be nice accompaniment. It would say something about the Lord's gentle coo and the cow's moo - Joe Bomber

Holy Martyrs School, Grade 4:

I would write about the birth of baby Jesus because he is what Christmas is all about. I think Jesus is a big influence on us. He also died for us and that was hard to do. We should praise him. - Kendall Thielke

If I wrote a folk song it would be called, "Why Jesus Died." - Alex Marchand

It would be about Santa and his reindeer coming and delivering presents to everyone and Rudolph leading the way. I would have a clarinet and a French horn as the instruments because they sound good together. - Janna Eckert

It would be about the manger, Mary and Joseph and the three kings. It would be a rap song. I would use an electric guitar since it makes me happy - Joel Gauthier

(It) is called "Christmas." It is a religious song. A good accompaniment would be flute, violin, and piano. I chose these instruments because the flute has a sweet sound, the violin is soft and smooth, and the piano because I play piano. - Savannah Carr

(It) would be Worship the King. It would be a religious song. The music would be made by drums. People would like the song because they could clap, sing, and have joy in making the noise and still praise God - Nick Molzahn

My song would be about praise. The instrument that would play it is a guitar. When people hear it they will feel like praising God. The song will have all different aspects about the Nativity. - Joshua Ronsman

It would be called, "Oh Lord! Oh Lord!" because Jesus was born. The instruments would be a flute and piccolo. It would be religious rock - Kelsey Du Bois

It would be traditional and religious. It would be a medley. The medley would be Silent Night and We Three Kings of Orient Are. Good instruments would be a piano and flute. - Tori Martin

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