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February 23, 2001 Issue
Local News

Youth need to look to example of Jesus

Christ should be our 'Main Media Man' as we walk through life

Editor's note: Fr. Vanden Borne Knights of Columbus Council 4489, Kimberly-Combined Locks, sponsored an essay contest on "Morality in the Media," for seventh and eighth grade students. Here is the first place winner for the eighth grade. You can also read the seventh grade winner's essay.

By Rachael Appleton

Two thousand years ago, something marvelous and miraculous walked upon this very earth. "A weirdo," "A lunatic," "Just a legend," others might say as they lean back in their recliner and switch on the TV. This man, Son of God, a miracle worker, and our Savior, is otherwise known as Jesus Christ.

When Jesus was living and walking this earth, people didn't go home and turn on the TV. They didn't go home to stereos or high-tech appliances. Yes, life was quite different back then because people didn't have what we call today, "media." Men, women and children living in Jesus' time had a different sort of significant media: Jesus.

So many teens today are afflicted with everyday hardships that block their pathway to a delightful life. Often times, our road to heaven can become clogged up with media: Television shows with bad morals, music with swearing in it, the Internet - a place where too much information often is exposed, and many more things we couldn't even think imaginable. Soon, our clear road in which we begin our journey when we are baptized, is overflowing with bad morals and sin. Young people are committing crimes left and right, and sin constantly surrounds us. Is this what God wanted his paradise to look like?

As faith-filled people believing in the message of Christ, blessed and inspired with the Holy Spirit, we need to dwell upon and turn to Jesus Christ, who should be our main media man.

Walking in his footsteps as one, we need to attend Mass together, read the Bible, pray the rosary, sing in the name of Christ, and most importantly pray.

Transformations of spirit and soul occur when we watch TV, listen to the radio, and surf for inappropriate web sites; this can change us spiritually in unimaginable ways. On our journey through life we must step over the line and become Disciples of Christ, remembering one thing, Jesus Christ should always be our "Main Media Man."

(Appleton is an eighth grader at Holy Name School, Kimberly.)

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