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February 23, 2001 Issue
Local News

Students write vocations Top 10 list

Resurrection students find best things about being a priest or sister

By Sarah Malcore
Compass Correspondent

First and seventh grade students at Resurrection School can tell you something good about a vocation to priesthood or religious life. In fact - each class can give you a list of 10 good things.

Fr. Doug LeCaptain, diocesan director of vocations, and Sr. Laura Zelten, vocations director for the Sisters of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, each talked to the students at the Green Bay school about vocations.

After the talk, the children along with Fr. LeCaptain and Sr. Zelten brainstormed to come up with the "Top 10 Lists."

The first graders put together an illustrated book, Top Ten Reasons to Become a Priest or Sister. Here is their list:

1. You get to tell everybody about Jesus.

2. You can be alone.

3. You can help people.

4. You can pray for Jesus.

5. You get to say the Mass.

6. You can take care of people.

7. You get to celebrate weddings and baptisms with people.

8. You get to live with other priests or sisters.

9. You get to wear fancy clothes.

10. You get to sing songs and read the Gospel.

The seventh grade class decided to find a rhyme in writing their points. Here is their list:

1. Many religious lives will be led, because of the holy water you place on their head.

2. Jesus was born in a stable, now you get to break bread at his table.

3. You get to wine and dine with the Divine!

4. Priests wear vestments, and read from the testaments.

5. The nun has a "habit," of praying on the Sabbath.

6. If you tell God a little prayer, you will get some goodness that He will share.

7. Jesus has an interesting history, becoming a priest helps uncover this mystery.

8. Your affection is a special connection.

9. You will get some love from up above.

10. When you step into the steeple you will get to meet tons of new people.

Fr. LeCaptain and Sr. Zelten also answered questions from the students, who each received a pen from Fr. LeCaptain and a sticky note pad from Sr. Zelten to commemorate the visit.

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