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April 20, 2001 Issue

Letting Christ into life

Jesus offers us peace nothing else does

By Tony Staley
Compass Editor

One challenge we face as Christians that takes sharp focus during the Easter season is determining how the resurrected Christ enters our lives.

Certain constants, of course, apply to all the ages. As St. Paul said in his first letter to the Corinthians, the resurrection of Christ gives validity to our faith in our redemption and our own resurrection from the dead. Beyond that, every age must seek lessons that respond to the particular challenges it faces.

One lesson our own age could adopt from the Risen Lord, can be found in nearly every Scriptural account of Christ's apparitions to his followers.

Almost without fail, Jesus says to them: "Peace be with you."

What an important message that is for our world, where ethnic or civil wars are being fought in the Balkans and in many regions of Africa. That message of peace, of course, entails more than a word. It involves our active efforts as God's agents on earth to draw on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to pray and work for peace.

Beyond the issues of warfare, another issue of peace touches our country in a way that wars on another continent do not.

That issue of peace has to do with the peace that is so often lacking in our personal and family lives because of greed, materialism and our hectic pace, which leads to an unending pursuit of what we think we want, but not the time to contemplate or enjoy what we have.

The ability to luxuriate in God's simple gifts of family and nature, in forgiving and being forgiven, can be found only by accepting the peace Christ offers his disciples then and now.

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